Jun 24, 2015

Buy Buy Baby

Welp, the house is officially for sale. It went on the market almost 2 weeks ago. We have had LOTS of views at the online listing but only 1 in home view so far. I'm both antsy and relieved. I am the former because this whole thing is a waiting game. We can't make any further plans until the house sells. So we wait. I am the latter because there's no more painting or fixing to do. We just have to keep the house as tidy as possible for last minute showings.

The day we listed the house, I had a fleeting moment of "omg are we REALLY doing this?? Are we insane?!". Then I quickly came to my senses and realized that we may be a little crazy, but are venturing on this new adventure with good intentions and reason. We've been talking about this cross country RV trip/lifestyle for well over a year! So to remind myself and to answer those that have asked us, here are the reasons why we're about to embark on a gypsy life (& I feel I can speak for jeff on these points as we're on the same wavelength):

1. Why not?

2. There is so much to see and do and we want to witness it all.

3. We miss friends and family. We're tired of seeing them once every year or few years and even then we have to cram visiting many into a short time frame.

4. We want the kids (and us) to experience & learn from things hands on and in person instead of just reading about it.

5. We're ready for our next great adventure.  When we 1st started dating, Jeff quit his job and came to live with me in Spain. That's just crazy!  We traveled throughout southern Spain and to Portugal, Morocco, Germany, France, Netherlands, to the Canary Islands and then we moved to AZ. And we traveled less but still had adventures, only more sporadically. And then we had kids, our biggest adventure yet, but with far less traveling. This is the longest either of us have lived in 1 place (be it house or city). In our entire lives! We both have the wanderlust itch.

6. It's time to DO instead of DREAM.

7. What if?  What if we only talked about this, but never did it? Would we regret it? You bet your sweet ass we would!

8. We will discover a new town/city to live in when we're ready to settle down. OR we'll realize that Tucson is where we're meant to be.  (I mean, this place is pretty bad ass, minus the triple digit heat in the summer).

9. We won't be tied down by material possessions or be disappointed in our inability to financially buy said possessions. Selling & donating the vast majority of our possessions, although a little stressful and overwhelming, has been very freeing. How did we collect so much shit? And not even nice or new or important. Clothes that we haven't worn in YEARS, books that will never be read again, decorations that collect dust. I can't even remember everything we got rid of, which means I don't miss it and we didn't need it.  Aside from a few boxes of photo albums & art work being stored at my mom's, whatever doesn't fit in the RV, goes away. And it feels good.

10. I'm excited to go from 1800+sqft to around 300sqft. There will be days when we'll all want our space and won't have much of it. BUT, it will force us to get outside more often. I won't spend half a day cleaning or picking up after the kids or feeling like nothing got done because an area got messed up as fast as I clean it. I'm hoping that means more time to play & maybe I'll get to read and create. Because my creative side is in hibernation and it saddens me.

11. The kids are too young to be angry at us for yanking them from friends/school/boy/girlfriends. Anytime they see am RV they excitedly point it out and then ask when we're going.

12. This adventure and new life will bring us closer than ever. I'm sure there are ways in which we can't even imagine yet, but I feel this will be great for our (J & I) relationship.

I will be sad leaving the familiarity and safety I feel from living in this city for 8 years. I know the curves and undulations of the roads, the smell of the desert, the quietness of the heat, the colors of the skies that never cease to amaze me. I'll be sad to see it all disappear in the rear view mirror, unsure if we'll ever see it again. I'll miss our amazing and supportive friends that we've met over the years, that have become our family. 

But someone, hurry up and buy our house!