Apr 9, 2015

Poppin' Up

A few weeks ago I noticed patches of flowers popping up. Then a friend posted photos of her boys in fields of poppies. Aaaaah, the desert is officially alive!
The last time I had seen this many poppies was years ago, before the girls were born. So I planned one morning for us to take a short trip to find these fields. Less than a 10 minute drive from our home the vibrant orange patches started appearing in my peripheral as I zoomed down the asphalt. Lilly gleefully shouted "Loooooook Mom! Flowers!" We pulled onto a small side street and parked the truck.

The strip of land teeming with flowers seemed to stretch on for miles. The three of us were ecstatic. You would think we had never seen flowers before. 

We smelled the flowers. We watched the flowers blowing in the breeze. We found sticks to play with. The girls dug around in the dirt like always. Apparently dirt is their favorite thing. If they are outside, they are in the dirt. The girls attempted to pick the flowers about a bajillion times whilst I harped at them to leave them alone for the bees and butterflies and so other people could enjoy them. In the end they were allowed to pluck one.

After frolicking in the field we went back to the street, climbed up into the bed of the truck and ate our packed lunch. The sun warmed  us. The breeze tousled our hair. It was a wonderful day. And I was with my two little ladies. Nothing could be better.