Mar 6, 2015


Seuss 1999-2015

I don't do good with death. It has never been easy for me. No matter how close or distant the soul was to me. I become crippled with grief. I've actually never seen death happen though.  Yesterday was the first time. It was hard. It was somber. It was raw. It was peaceful.

Our cat Seuss passed away at the age of 16.

I originally started writing this with details of her death. But it doesn't really matter how she went. She died of old age. She died amongst her loved ones. She died in a quiet room being petted and loved. She left us peacefully.

Seuss & Chamele. BFFs forever
Seuss loved snuggling with her sister. She loved chasing the dog. She loved curling up next to my head as I slept. She loved drinking water from the faucet. She loved pooping on the floor. She loved rolling around in catnip. Seuss travelled the world with me. She lived in Germany and Spain with me. She loved to chase laser pointers.

She was a little bit crazy. But she was my crazy cat. And I loved her. I love her. I will miss her.

She had a full moon burial. We sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to her. We drew pictures and messages that were buried with her. We blew kisses to her. And this morning we talked about her again and how she is no longer physically with us but will always be in our memories. We talked of how she will now become a part of the Earth and will help the plants grow. We are going to scatter native wildflower seeds over her resting spot.

You will live on in my memories, sweet Seussy-poo.

she was the cutest, tiniest little thing