Jan 31, 2015

It Has Begun!

A little over a year ago we started talking about selling our house, most of our belongings, buying an RV and hitting the road for a while. We met with a realtor to confirm we weren't upside down on the house. We have joined RV groups on Facebook where we've learned lots about how to live cheaply on the road, safety tips, renovation ideas, etc. But until recently, it's been that: just talk.

Fast forward a year. I'm antsy. We need to do this Damn thing or quit talking about it! The universe decided to give us a nudge in the forward direction and our SUV broke down. It was worth less than repairs would cost.  So we sold it and bought a truck. One that is perfect for any 5th wheel we end up finding in our price range. Both girls fit in their car seats plus room for our Chanelley belly dog plus another passenger if we wanted.

There's no turning back now. Gypsy life here we come!