May 19, 2014

What Did You Call Me?

Getting married. Changing your name. I'd be lying if I said it were no big deal. I was nauseated when filling out the marriage license when I got to the part where you state what your name will be after the wedding. If you decide to change it. Jeff was fully on board with whatever decision I made. Change my name. Keep my name. Whatever. One of the many reasons I love him.
Sometimes in the past when we received a letter or package, it would say Amy &Jeff Rutherford, or Rutherford family. Which is fine. It makes things easy. And I never minded. But if anyone ever refers to me as Mrs Jeffrey Rutherford, I might flip out! That phrasing really gets under my skin, as if I no longer have any identity and suddenly now belong to him. Ugh.

My whole life, my name has been what it is. For 35 years. Now, I'm supposed to go change it? And not even to something cool like Princess Consuela Bananahammock.  And he gets to still be who he's been? It just seems weird. Makes me cringe. And is quite an antiquated custom that I swore I would never follow. But never say never, right?  Now that we have kids, and their last name is his, it seems trickier to have different names than theirs. By the way, up until the minute after Lilly was born, she was going to have both our last names.
Here we are a month post marriage and I still haven't filed any of the stuff for a name change. But I have been mulling it over & decided to go with First Middle MyLast HisLast. Not hyphenated, so if I feel comfortable with dropping my last into the middle category, then I can. Or I keep as is. I've already recently changed my name to Mom, so why not another change?


  1. When I got married I changed my name from Wolverton to Templeton - not a huge weird stretch. LOL. But if anyone ever referred to me as "Mrs. Curtis Templeton" I'd choke them out. How 'bout he goes by "Mr. Rita" instead?!

    1. haha yeah, they almost rhyme;) I joke that we could've been the Minerford's.


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