May 26, 2014

I Want to Ride My Bicycle!

Saturday was just one of those days.

I woke up in a great mood! Although I was up often with the kids throughout the night, they were both snuggled on top of me (which never happens) and it made the lack of sleep ok. Lilly adoringly talked about how my stomach, which she used as a pillow, was talking to her all night and saying "gurgle gurgle". There was a nice breeze outside. Fluffy white clouds were billowing up in the bright blue sky. It was going to be a good day.

Then I went to the store to pick up the bike I had ordered the night before. I was on a time crunch because Jeff had to be at a class. I skipped breakfast to get there and back expeditiously. I arrived 15 minutes before the store opened. Crap! As soon as they unlocked the doors, I went into customer service to pick up my bike. I couldn't wait to get home, set up the new kid bike trailer and go cruising around. I was elated. I knew the girls would have a blast as well.

they must think this is a fort
-me "Hi. I'm picking up a bike that was ordered"
-worker "I'm sorry. It's not put together. Do you want to come back later"
-me "um NO! The email I got said my order was ready for pick up"
-worker "hold on".....chit chat on the phone with her boss
-me "can I just have it in the box & I'll put it together myself. I'm not coming back here"
-worker "sure let me ask"
-me "I want a discount for having to assemble myself"
Manager comes, gives me a discount & some sorry-we-effed-up vouchers and I was on my merry way. Not exactly the way I wanted to do this but I got the bike for cheaper, so it was totally worth it!

I thought.

Have you ever tried to put together a bike, with 2 very curious little people roaming about? Fingers grabbing, bodies bumping, questions spilling out of their mouths a mile a minute as I try to figure out how to adjust brakes and assemble this bike to where I won't kill myself when I went to ride it. We didn't have the right size wrenches, the sockets were a pain in the ass to get out of the case, I had to keep pulling monkey girl Violet off the bike, as Lilly kept clanking tools onto the brand new fenders. My ratchet came up missing and I still can't find it!
so tiring playing make believe journey

Between the clusterfuck that is our tool box, nursing, changing diapers, wiping butts & doling out snacks to seemingly starving children, what should have taken a half hour tops took over an hour & half. Only, there was a bolt missing from letting me put the front fender onto the frame. AND the storage rack on the back was missing a bolt head. Like it had been snapped off in the factory and would've required me drilling it out. The store manager said there was another in stock and that I could swap it out tomorrow. Sigh. No cruising around the neighborhood for me. The girls, however, geeked out on the bike trailer. They sat in it, all buckled up, had a snack, some laughs, and almost freaked out when I tried to unbuckle them. I know once we start cruising around, they are going to have so much fun! I wish I could join them back there!

Fast forward to Sunday and I again rush to the store 1st thing in the morning. I get there. The replacement bike was STILL. IN. THE. BOX! Are you f*cking kidding me? They said it could be ready in 20 minutes. More sorry-we-effed-up vouchers were handed over. I wandered the store. Went back to customer service to be told they needed 15 more minutes. I didn't have the time because again Jeff needed to be at class. So AGAIN I was without a bike to ride. Grrrr. Jeff was able to pick it up on his way home and...
ready to roll

FINALLY today I got to ride. I rode for an hour, just cruising around. Kids loved it. I sweated buckets. This is going to be more of a workout than I anticipated, pulling 50ish pounds around. Tomorrow, we ride again! If my legs still work;)

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