May 24, 2014

Give That Mouse a Cookie!

The girls love to learn and play. Lilly is always pretending to go to school and rides her bike in the house, usually sporting her Dora backpack, undies & a smile. Sometimes a headband. Since she likes to pretend to be at an institution of learning, I may as well run with it! I find activities that we call "school". I just go off her cues for now and "school" is not something we do every day. As I was doing some searching around for ideas for different & new activities, I stumbled across Before Five in a Row. It's a book that recommends classic books and various activities related to the context of each story. Awesome idea! We don't have any of those books as of yet, so I decided to search for activities to go with books we DO own and love. Low and behold, I found quite a few so far and was completely stoked!

I found these activities for one of the books that we have read a multitude of times. If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. Never read it? It's about a pain in the ass mouse that gets a cookie and wants something new with each page, snowballing into request after request until the little kid is exhausted. It's a fun read.

First I made these cards where she had to count the cookies and place the clothespin on the matching number. I decided to laminate them so they would remain durable for Violet too when she's old enough.

Next, she got to search the house for 7 round shapes. I included a couple cookies which only seemed appropriate to go with the story;) I mean, who doesn't love chocolate chip cookies?

lava rock, tea pot lid, cookies, cupcake, penny, poker chip

I was giddy to break out the laminator again. Nerd. Hey, what can I say? I like to live on the edge. I made chocolate chip cookies and "other" cookies. Use your imagination. I only had orange & white paper. I guess these could be sugar cookies & peanut butter cookies. One set has lower case letters on them, the other has upper case letters. The object of the game is to match a big & small letter.
I had so much fun making these activities and having something that correlates with her stories, that I'm excited to make more! And she sure seems to like them.

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