Mar 5, 2014

RIP Little Guys

Ok, let me start out by saying that no one has died. Only a small part of Jeff. He got a vasectomy a couple weeks ago. It was mentioned over a year ago but after all his procrastinating, I didn't think it would actually happen. But it did. He's got the bruised and tender balls to prove it. While I think there is absolutely no comparison between this and birthing a baby, I feel for him and hope the swelling subsides quickly. He's been a trooper and hasn't complained much. :)

When the snip was first mentioned, I was bothered by it. After much thought, and Violet being born and getting in sync with our new family dynamics, I'm 100% supportive of his decision. I'm elated that the girls have one another as siblings. But I'm ok with us not having more. Now, we are an even number. And we aren't outnumbered. We can still fit in our current vehicle. Adios little spermies. It was fun.

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