Jan 23, 2014

Grow Grow Grow

Another year, come and gone! It seems like just yesterday that Violet was born. How could this be? Her first year seemed to have gone by even faster than Lilly's first year. Sigh...

My sweet baby girl. The instant I laid eyes on you and held you in my arms, I was in love. My heart opened up for your soul. Another space filled. You are a very sweet, loving, cuddly girl. I cherish every morning that I wake up with you in my arms. You really enjoy being held by me and I will take it while I can get it! There will be some day when you are big and grown and will no longer want me to hold you all the time. I love watching you play with your big sister. I can see how much you adore her. You have the cutest little laugh and squeal. Yet, you are quite reserved at times; just taking it all in, calmly watching the world around you with your "poker face". You have had an amazing year!

-you have 8 teeth
-seems like you'll be getting curly hair like sister & momma when I was a baby
-you are walking!
-you know 8 signs
-you LOVE to climb on things. everything. all day long
-you like to hum while I sing <3 p="">-you are ecstatic to be around cats & dogs
-you like to put everything in your mouth :/
-you like to play with cars, books, and the kid kitchen
-your favorite foods are peas, yogurt, any fruit
-you are still nursing & going strong at it!
-you love playing with my belly button
-you love raspberries being blown on your belly
-you don't like to get your diaper changed
-you LOVE bath time
-you sleep almost every time we get into the car
-you get very excited about brushing your teeth

I can't wait to see what the next year brings. Happy Birthday my sweet Violet Jude! And may you have many, many more years of fun filled happiness, learning and excitement.

Love always & forever,