Oct 18, 2014

Madera Canyon

scoping out the creek below
I can't believe a month has gone by already since I took these pictures! I kept meaning to do a blog entry and time somehow slipped through my fingers. Actually, I don't know why I'm surprised. Most of my "spare" time has been spent one of 4 ways:
1-cleaning up the tornado that ripped through our house from storm fronts L&V (how they can make such a huge mess in such little time is quite the mystery)
2-doing homework.
3-zoning out on a movie with Jeff instead of doing the other billion things I need to do, because this is our rare time together and I'm too tired to move
4-passing out from exhaustion
hiking in the Santa Ritas

love seeing them exploring together
Anyway, I woke up one morning antsy as ever to get out of the house and do something. I get like this often but usually a trip to the library or park or store calms this. However, this morning was different. It was the first day where I noticed it wasn't scorching hot in the morning. So the girls scarfed down breakfast, I got them swiftly dressed, threw together a lunch and drinks and rushed out the door. We were headed out on an adventure!

silly Lilly

                                                      Madera Canyon used to be one of our favorite hiking spots, B.C. (before children). It's not too far away, the elevation at the trailheads is already so high above desert that you don't really feel like you're near/in the Sonoran Desert. The canyon is filled with trees which provide lots of shade. And though we aren't birding experts, the canyon is teeming with birds from all over and is a very popular destination for bird watchers. The trails that we have hiked on were fairly moderate, had steep downgrades on one side and honestly, aren't friendly for us meandering around with a 3 and 1.5 year old. So, we just haven't gone back in a while, except for a scenic drive with out of town visitors. But I knew there were lower elevation areas of the canyon I would be able to take the kids to. I just needed to explore to find it since we haven't done anything in that area.

Lilly took this photo :)

climbing up the path

We parked and started the hike towards the Amphitheater area. Both girls walked and explored for a while until we had to walk through some overgrowth that seemed to weird Violet out a little. I could understand, as some of it was brushing her face. So I picked her up and then decided it was just time to put her in the hiking pack. I'm glad I did when I did, because the trail slowly narrowed and climbed higher and got rockier. I even doubted Lilly's ability and mentioned "let's head back down" a few times but she was resilient and wanted to keep blazing forward, climbing over boulders that stood in our path. Then she started holding herself. Great! Time to pee in the great outdoors. She did not like that idea! It wasn't until we had turned around, heading back down the trail that I reminded her that all animals pee outside and that her day would be very unpleasant if she peed her pants, as I didn't bring any changes of clothes. It was a little difficult holding a 3.5year old in a seated position off the ground so she didn't pee all over her pants and shoes, while having a 1.5 year old strapped to my back!

    Water was flowing in Madera Creek so we followed a small trail along it where I found a nice place to lay down the pack and let the girls wade in the water. It was a little deeper than ankle (on me) in most places, nice and cool, clear and the girls loved it! They threw rocks, splashed, played with sticks, and of course, they ended up getting completely soaked. So after a while, we exited the water and sat on the ground and ate our lunch. I'm pretty sure if I didn't have the food, I wouldn't have been able to entice them out of the water. Then we headed back to the car where I had to strip them to undies and they drove home like that. Guess I'll bring a change of clothes next time;)

Oct 10, 2014

Apples Galore!

Take a deep breath! Aaaaahhh can't you just smell the cool, crisp air, pies baking in the oven, cider simmering on the stove, soup in the crock pot. Can you hear the rustling of fallen leaves as they scrape along the ground and crunch under feet. You can? Well, lucky you! Because I'm in Tucson and we don't get that here. Though, it has dropped to sweater donning temp in the wee hours of the morning. But by midday it is still in the 90s.  But that doesn't stop us from enjoying the slight reprieve from the heat and anticipating much cooler weather that's right around the corner.

We have been visiting Apple Annie's Orchard in Willcox every year since before the kids were even born. It's become a tradition to head to the farm, enjoy the cooler temps that Willcox offers, pick a lot of fruit, drive home and then I spend the day cleaning, chopping,freezing whatever deliciousness we brought home.

This year, because of schedules, I went with the kids by myself. I was a little disheartened, but didn't want to skip the trip just because Jeff couldn't go. So I loaded the kids up &we   took the hour& half drive to the orchard. I'm so happy that 99% of the time my girls are amazing in the car. We chat, we sing, they laugh& giggle, and sometimes they fall asleep. They are amazing road trip partners:)

"This is a beauty" she kept saying:)
After a couple hours of picking, and running around and kicking dirt and attempting to eat rotten apples that had fallen to the ground, we paid for the apples. Then, we sat down and shared homemade apple raspberry pie with a giant scoop of cinnamon ice cream. After we loaded our bounty of apples into the car, we sat in the back with the door up and shared lunch before heading home. Thanks to the girls, our freezer is now loaded with sliced apples and we've been eating fresh ones everyday. Plus, all the varieties of apples have made great models for my watercolor class:)


Sep 16, 2014

The Path

Recently, I've been taking baby steps towards learning to love my new body. My once smooth and firm stomach is now a soft and stretched belly. When I was pregnant with Lilly I was freaked out  about getting stretch marks. But I got them. And despite me originally thinking horribly of them, I wasn't as bothered as I thought I would be. And when I was pregnant with Violet they became even more prevalent. However, after the 2nd pregnancy, my stomach skin also became loose; almost pulled away from the muscle. I look in the mirror and I don't see my former self. I'd be lying if I said I love my stomach. I don't. But there's no denying that I love the process in which made my stomach look the way it does. I grew two human beings! My organs were pushed aside. My blood volume increased. My skin stretched and stretched to accommodate my beautiful baby girls that were growing inside. My stomach housed the vessel which gave them life. How can I loathe it? How can I look down and have anything but infinite love and adoration for my body allowing such a beautiful thing to have happened?

My girls see me naked often. We take showers together. We walk around in the buff. I never self analyze myself in the mirror. I don't outwardly critique my body or say anything negative about it around them. I don't want them growing up with a distorted view of themselves. I don't want them thinking Momma isn't beautiful. And I don't want them thinking that, if after they have children, and get stretch marks, that they are any less beautiful. They are curious about the lines that traverse my belly. Some are deep ravines. Some are shallow and fading. Violet likes to blow raspberries on them. She doesn't fully notice them. Instead she is fixated on my belly button and likes to shove her tiny little finger inside, watching her whole digit disappear as my soft tissue gives way to the pressure.
I make funny beeping noises and then I poke her belly button too. But Lilly was afraid to touch my stomach. At first, she responded with an "Ew" which caused a gut wrench reaction within me and made my eyes well with tears. I took a deep breathe and then I told them the story that they now like to hear often. I told them of how they each had a chance to grow inside me and that their belly button was how they were connected to me, just as mine was a connection to my mommy. I told them of how these lines are there because they each grew big and strong inside me. They like to see the stomach casts I made during each pregnancy and now Lilly retells the story. She gives my belly a random gentle touch or sweet kiss. And she no longer says "Ew". But the raspberries, she saves for my arms;)

Being comfortable with my stomach is going to take some time. Will I ever not think of it when I'm naked around Jeff? I certainly hope so. Baby steps.

My new body also came with bigger boobs! Before having babies, I was a barely A cup. I would rarely go without a bra because I felt like a boy. It made my skin crawl to be braless, even when I went to bed. I was very self conscious about it. I felt un-proportioned in comparison to my hips and legs. I yearned for a boob job. But now?! Thanks to pregnancy and nursing, I love my new breasts! They got a little bigger and here's to hoping that they stay that way! If not, I'll relish in my newfound womanly shape while I can. They nourish life and I'm amazed at this every day.

In hopes of coming to terms with my new silhouette, I got together with a friend of mine who is doing therapeutic photography. Her intention is to help you realize your beauty, accept and love yourself in the moment and see the new you. We ventured to the desert to take some photos of me. I felt apprehensive in the days prior. I didn't have anything to wear and felt a little uneasy and anxious about how I would look. In my mind I conjured up reasons why I should cancel, but in my heart knew that I shouldn't. I told myself: I want to do this. I NEED to do this! We talked about what I was hoping to get from this photo shoot. There was a bit of an emotional release and after the tears dried, we continued with the photos. At the end, I laid on this massive rock. It had baked in the sun all day and the heat warmly radiated against my back as I laid under the twilight sky. I had relaxed, I was in my beloved desert and with a kindred soul by my side. I drove home in silence, reflecting on the experience, proud of myself for opening up and being vulnerable and for allowing myself to start on the path of healing. Looking at these images made me realize that I truly do look different now. I have more curves. I'm older. I'm a mom. I'm me. And all of this is fantastic! I will never again look like my 27 year old self. And you know what? That's ok!

Aug 22, 2014

Creativity Lies Within

 I gave up my shift at the spa at the casino, but decided to stay on as an On-Call therapist. My time will now be spent at school. That's right, I'm going back to school. In 4 short days, I begin classes. Again. But this time, only for a semester. I used most of my G.I.Bill on my massage & aesthetics certifications plus I worked towards my Bachelors for a year & half.  I don't have enough to finish a degree nor would I use said degree anyway. And just like that, my GI Bill will be gone!

 I will be taking some art classes. I am nervous & excited & scared. I feel as though I'll be a kindergartner level compared to classmates but I've always wanted to take these classes. When our neighbor Alex (who was my age) passed away last month, it made me realize that life is too short. I'm tired of wanting to do things, but never having the courage to do them. Afraid of failure. Doubting. And sometimes always procrastinating. So, here goes nothing! I'll be taking:

-Watercolor Painting
-a mandatory Art Design class

It has been an extreme pain in the ass to even get the ball rolling for this. This, by far, has been the most difficult time I've had for signing up for classes. Ordering transcripts, the school saying they didn't receive any (really?! all 4 are missing? wtf), telling me I need an advisor appointment, going there with kids in tow, waiting and being told I didn't need to be there, etc. I have never encountered this difficulty in the past. This experience made me realize why so many veterans never end up using their benefits. I wanted to run away screaming, and I don't even have PTSD. I was completely overwhelmed by paperwork needed, a laundry list of things I needed to submit and NOWHERE on the website where it was easily mapped out. I almost, ALMOST, said Fuck this! But, I look at my girls. I hear myself tell Lilly that Can't isn't a great word. That she CAN do anything. That she should always try before admitting defeat and moving on to something else. So, how can I not head my own words?

So, in 4 days, I'll be sitting in a classroom with a group of strangers, trying to learn something new. I wonder if I can have Lilly do my watercolor homework? Her stuff is amazing!! ;)

Jun 17, 2014

Fun With Slime

Oh, sweet creators of Pinterest, how I love thee! I don't pin every day, but when I'm on there, I can waste spend a lot of time. Perusing, clicking, drooling, oohing, eyes glazing over, smoke billowing out of my ears. All the ideas & pretty pictures are almost too much to take! Almost. On yet another one of my Pinterest binges I came across a gem of an idea to keep Lilly occupied while Violet napped: driving trucks through paint. It looked like SO. MUCH. FUN! But we only had one vehicle with tire tread, so it would end up not leaving behind any cool painted markings. I threw this idea into the back of my mind and went about my day. Then I found this recipe for Borax-free slime. My kids like to put things into their mouths so every time I saw a recipe for sensory play with borax filled slime I knew I couldn't do it. But this new recipe made me giddy. Slime without possible illness. Though, honestly, the shit that's in the Kool-Aid is probably worse than Borax. I digress.

The recipe calls for Metamucil. So, if the kids do eat any of it, they'll just be extra poopy and I can deal with that. I purchased the off-brand kind. Not sure if that had any relevance in how things turned out. The recipe was easy peasy:

-1Tbsp Metamucil (per color)
-1c H2O
-Kool-Aid packets
-food coloring (which I did not use)

The Kool-Aid packets gave enough of a burst of color plus the slime emitted a delicious scent. I slightly hesitated at my choice once it was done, but Lilly never once tried to eat it. Phew;)

The recipe says to stir together the ingredients, zap in the microwave for 3-6minutes, let cool and then play! The first color I made was orange. I lost count of how many time I had to put it in the microwave. It never really fully earned a slime worthy title. It was more akin to yogurt: thick, but not stretchy & pliable. "If I just bought a whole container of this fiber shit for no reason, I'm gonna be pissed" I thought. Next, I made purple and blue. They both turned out the perfect slime consistency.

I love her reaction to the 1st touch

Let the playing commence!  She poked it, she pulled it, she mixed it. The orange color stained her hands some, I'm guessing because it wasn't quite "slime". I remembered the monster truck painting idea, so in came a couple of her trucks & cars. That lasted about 5 minutes (aaah the attention span of a 3year old:) Then she grabbed her toy horse & dinosaur Roxy. Oh, those poor creatures. It looked like they were swimming in tar after all the colors blended together in one big goopy mess. But it was Oh so fun! I was cleaning dried slime off them for a week. Next time I'll use primary colors and let her see what happens when you mix them together.

May 26, 2014

I Want to Ride My Bicycle!

Saturday was just one of those days.

I woke up in a great mood! Although I was up often with the kids throughout the night, they were both snuggled on top of me (which never happens) and it made the lack of sleep ok. Lilly adoringly talked about how my stomach, which she used as a pillow, was talking to her all night and saying "gurgle gurgle". There was a nice breeze outside. Fluffy white clouds were billowing up in the bright blue sky. It was going to be a good day.

Then I went to the store to pick up the bike I had ordered the night before. I was on a time crunch because Jeff had to be at a class. I skipped breakfast to get there and back expeditiously. I arrived 15 minutes before the store opened. Crap! As soon as they unlocked the doors, I went into customer service to pick up my bike. I couldn't wait to get home, set up the new kid bike trailer and go cruising around. I was elated. I knew the girls would have a blast as well.

they must think this is a fort
-me "Hi. I'm picking up a bike that was ordered"
-worker "I'm sorry. It's not put together. Do you want to come back later"
-me "um NO! The email I got said my order was ready for pick up"
-worker "hold on".....chit chat on the phone with her boss
-me "can I just have it in the box & I'll put it together myself. I'm not coming back here"
-worker "sure let me ask"
-me "I want a discount for having to assemble myself"
Manager comes, gives me a discount & some sorry-we-effed-up vouchers and I was on my merry way. Not exactly the way I wanted to do this but I got the bike for cheaper, so it was totally worth it!

I thought.

Have you ever tried to put together a bike, with 2 very curious little people roaming about? Fingers grabbing, bodies bumping, questions spilling out of their mouths a mile a minute as I try to figure out how to adjust brakes and assemble this bike to where I won't kill myself when I went to ride it. We didn't have the right size wrenches, the sockets were a pain in the ass to get out of the case, I had to keep pulling monkey girl Violet off the bike, as Lilly kept clanking tools onto the brand new fenders. My ratchet came up missing and I still can't find it!
so tiring playing make believe journey

Between the clusterfuck that is our tool box, nursing, changing diapers, wiping butts & doling out snacks to seemingly starving children, what should have taken a half hour tops took over an hour & half. Only, there was a bolt missing from letting me put the front fender onto the frame. AND the storage rack on the back was missing a bolt head. Like it had been snapped off in the factory and would've required me drilling it out. The store manager said there was another in stock and that I could swap it out tomorrow. Sigh. No cruising around the neighborhood for me. The girls, however, geeked out on the bike trailer. They sat in it, all buckled up, had a snack, some laughs, and almost freaked out when I tried to unbuckle them. I know once we start cruising around, they are going to have so much fun! I wish I could join them back there!

Fast forward to Sunday and I again rush to the store 1st thing in the morning. I get there. The replacement bike was STILL. IN. THE. BOX! Are you f*cking kidding me? They said it could be ready in 20 minutes. More sorry-we-effed-up vouchers were handed over. I wandered the store. Went back to customer service to be told they needed 15 more minutes. I didn't have the time because again Jeff needed to be at class. So AGAIN I was without a bike to ride. Grrrr. Jeff was able to pick it up on his way home and...
ready to roll

FINALLY today I got to ride. I rode for an hour, just cruising around. Kids loved it. I sweated buckets. This is going to be more of a workout than I anticipated, pulling 50ish pounds around. Tomorrow, we ride again! If my legs still work;)

May 24, 2014

Backyard Budget Wedding

It already seems like eons ago; our wedding and time in Hawai'i. I did so much researching the year prior for the right place to stay, have the ceremony, ways to keep it cheap, etc. So, I thought I would share in case any of my readers are looking for pointers on keeping costs at a minimum for a wedding, renewal. Hell, any big celebration really!

We didn't want to go into debt just to get married. Our family & friends wouldn't have cared if we got married in pajamas. Though I'm sure some of them would've thought WTF? Ok, I think some of them would have SAID it to us;) So it was really all about what WE wanted. As it should be. Our criteria was simple:

-outdoor wedding
-NOT where we live
-don't spend a shit ton of money

At first we searched for a typical destination wedding. Ya know, at a resort, all inclusive, no planning on my behalf. But everything we came across was so expensive. $100 for a tiny bouquet of simple flowers? Are you effin serious?! Plus, all of our guests would need to get passports and ours were about to expire.

Next, we thought a cruise would be awesome! No one would need to find lodging, no need to get together and decide on where to eat or where to hang out. Just get your ass on the boat and enjoy! But, again with the passports and bigger price tag.

We pondered, where can we go that is far from here, beautiful, warm, water and no need for a passport or knowing another language. Hawai'i was the perfect choice! Considering all of the islands have their own unique appeal, it could've been a hard choice deciding which one. However, we knew we wanted to see lava! The creation of new land as we embarked upon a new journey and stage in our lives. The Big Island won our vote and off to planning we went!

I'm not counting the flights or rental house we stayed at because this was also a family vacation and those things would have been paid for regardless if there were a wedding or not. In case anyone is curious though, THIS amazing home is the one we rented. I can't give enough kudos to the house, the yard, the helpful owners and the sweet property manager. We didn't want to leave.

-Place of ceremony & reception: FREE (well, it was in the yard & house of our rental). A large part of the search was finding a home with a beautiful outdoor space for the ceremony & enough seating and indoor space for the reception so that we didn't need to rent chairs, etc. The house was a perfect choice!
-Officiant: Rev Barbara Concoby $400. Super sweet woman & fantastic ceremony! She included blowing of the conch shell, fresh flower leis, bubbles, foot blessing & flower shower.
-Photographer: White Dot Photography $936 She was AMAZING! The girls were all over the place & non-cooperative, but she still managed to capture beautiful photos of them. Of us:)
-Cake: We didn't want to spend a hundred on a cake so I went to the grocery store and ordered a plain white cake. It didn't include fancy flavors or fillings, but that was fine and worth the money savings. $15 from the Safeway bakery section. + this cake topper for $25
-Bride Dress: $190 from Alfred Angelo. Was actually a bridesmaid dress that I ordered in Ivory. The alterations cost almost as much as the dress! We decided to go sans shoes:)
-Groom Suit: about $200, from Express
-our little Flower Girls: I made the dresses, fabric was around $20
 -Bouquet: Free, by Mother Nature, picked by the groom, assembled by BFF
-Food & Drinks: Somewhere under $300. We prepped most the night before & people lovingly fired up the grill while we did photos post ceremony. It was all finger foods. We did forget to put out the plethora of cheeses. Oops. If I had to change one thing and could've spent more money on something, this is the place it would go. It would have been much easier to have the food catered. We saved on alcohol by only having beer/wine (which others brought) and a signature cocktail.
-Hair & Makeup: Lush Hair Salon. Technically I didn't pay anything for my hair because my hair fell before I even put on my dress, so I got a refund. Makeup was $35
-Decorations: Free. We used beautiful bowls, platters, vases that were in the rental house. Jeff brought some of his handblown glass bud vases. Used tree branches to display photos. Mother Nature provided the scenery.
-Guest Book: $10 Jenga game that everyone wrote on the pieces so we can read them as we play
-Rings: $130 tattoo rings from Big Island Tattoo. Neither of us can wear rings for work, so no point in an actual ring.
-Jewelry: less than $30 from Charming Charlie's
-Gifts for Guests: my dear friend Cynthia made, as a gift to us, adorable bracelets for all the women & the 4 little girls. Jeff made a glass pendant for all the dudes.

Keeping the expenditures at a minimum and not waking the next morning in a post wedding spending hangover made it even more pleasurable. Sure, a few things could've been done differently, but all in all it was a success!

Give That Mouse a Cookie!

The girls love to learn and play. Lilly is always pretending to go to school and rides her bike in the house, usually sporting her Dora backpack, undies & a smile. Sometimes a headband. Since she likes to pretend to be at an institution of learning, I may as well run with it! I find activities that we call "school". I just go off her cues for now and "school" is not something we do every day. As I was doing some searching around for ideas for different & new activities, I stumbled across Before Five in a Row. It's a book that recommends classic books and various activities related to the context of each story. Awesome idea! We don't have any of those books as of yet, so I decided to search for activities to go with books we DO own and love. Low and behold, I found quite a few so far and was completely stoked!

I found these activities for one of the books that we have read a multitude of times. If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. Never read it? It's about a pain in the ass mouse that gets a cookie and wants something new with each page, snowballing into request after request until the little kid is exhausted. It's a fun read.

First I made these cards where she had to count the cookies and place the clothespin on the matching number. I decided to laminate them so they would remain durable for Violet too when she's old enough.

Next, she got to search the house for 7 round shapes. I included a couple cookies which only seemed appropriate to go with the story;) I mean, who doesn't love chocolate chip cookies?

lava rock, tea pot lid, cookies, cupcake, penny, poker chip

I was giddy to break out the laminator again. Nerd. Hey, what can I say? I like to live on the edge. I made chocolate chip cookies and "other" cookies. Use your imagination. I only had orange & white paper. I guess these could be sugar cookies & peanut butter cookies. One set has lower case letters on them, the other has upper case letters. The object of the game is to match a big & small letter.
I had so much fun making these activities and having something that correlates with her stories, that I'm excited to make more! And she sure seems to like them.

May 19, 2014

What Did You Call Me?

Getting married. Changing your name. I'd be lying if I said it were no big deal. I was nauseated when filling out the marriage license when I got to the part where you state what your name will be after the wedding. If you decide to change it. Jeff was fully on board with whatever decision I made. Change my name. Keep my name. Whatever. One of the many reasons I love him.
Sometimes in the past when we received a letter or package, it would say Amy &Jeff Rutherford, or Rutherford family. Which is fine. It makes things easy. And I never minded. But if anyone ever refers to me as Mrs Jeffrey Rutherford, I might flip out! That phrasing really gets under my skin, as if I no longer have any identity and suddenly now belong to him. Ugh.

My whole life, my name has been what it is. For 35 years. Now, I'm supposed to go change it? And not even to something cool like Princess Consuela Bananahammock.  And he gets to still be who he's been? It just seems weird. Makes me cringe. And is quite an antiquated custom that I swore I would never follow. But never say never, right?  Now that we have kids, and their last name is his, it seems trickier to have different names than theirs. By the way, up until the minute after Lilly was born, she was going to have both our last names.
Here we are a month post marriage and I still haven't filed any of the stuff for a name change. But I have been mulling it over & decided to go with First Middle MyLast HisLast. Not hyphenated, so if I feel comfortable with dropping my last into the middle category, then I can. Or I keep as is. I've already recently changed my name to Mom, so why not another change?

May 8, 2014

Days of the Week

I decided that having a kid friendly calendar would be a great way for Lilly (&Violet when she gets older) to learn about the days of the week, months, seasons, etc and also know what is going on during the week. I searched for ideas and couldn't find much. Almost everything was too detailed. Or just not appealing to me. Then I stumbled upon this gem and thought OMG I'm doing that! I already had a bunch of felt and just needed to get a few other things. It took me a long time to make it, deciding the sizing of the pockets, cutting everything out, writing. I used mostly what I had laying around the house, which is why mine isn't as nice as the prototype. I even used recycled cardboard for the days of the week.
I purchased shapes from Michaels for the activities that we do most frequently and wrote the activity with a black marker and then glued them onto popsicle sticks. For the sun, moon, umbrella, cloud, I had Lilly put googly eyes on them. She got a kick out of that! I secretly giggle that I laid the colors out like ol' ROY G. BIV. Love that guy:)
I love that this calendar is a weekly view and that it also focuses on the season, month and the weather. Lilly loves moving the activity sticks around. The actual date plus the days of the week plus "today, tomorrow, yesterday" seems a bit too much for her right now. Plus it's a major pain digging out the actual itty bitty date numbers every. single. day. So, we don't often change the date. Right now we are focusing on days of the week and what's happening during the week. She likes telling me the weather too, though it's about 95% sunny here in AZ so that's an easy guess;) Now, if I could only get her to stop using the activity sticks as a pretend lollipop.

May 1, 2014

Lilly's Purple Plastic Basket

The Easter bunny came late due to our Hawaii trip. There was an epic battle over an egg. Beast vs man. There were casualties. I can't say tears weren't shed. In the end, with a little help from a sweet, curly haired girl, the men were trampled and the beasts triumphed over their victory. They celebrated by taking a ride in a purple basket, just as their ancestors had. The end.
Here she is, after she karate kicked down all the men.  

Geez my phone really takes crappy photos :/ 

Apr 25, 2014

Flying High and Taking the Plunge

Bachelor and Bachelorette parties. We didn't want to plan the normal ones seeing as though our 20s, mine especially, were spent in a Bachelorette party type daze. Getting wasted wasn't high on our priority list. So we decided to do what any bride and groom do on their wedding morning and spend some time swimming with fish and flying in the air.
Jeff, his dad and his guys went on a snorkeling adventure. Their trip with Sea Quest Adventures brought them to two different snorkeling spots where they saw sea urchins, an octopus and schools of fish. Their boat ride led them to sea caves and they were lucky to coast along the ocean accompanied by a pod of dolphin.

Me, my mom and my ladies decided on a parasailing adventure. We zipped across the water, we flew in the air, we laughed. Some of us were even honored enough to see a whale off in the distance. Our hair was a mangled mess from the wind but after the adventure with UFO Parasail, we were headed off to get our hair done.

Then there was a wedding...