Jan 8, 2013

Ants in the Pants, Part 2

Hey baby!

What are you up to in there? Just floating around, discovering your fingers, kicking the shit out of me, lovingly:)  Soon, you will be laying in my arms and I can hardly wait. It is the middle of the night and I can't sleep.  I've been having contractions, but it doesn't mean that you will be seeing daylight today. Or even tomorrow. But soon! You go ahead and stay warm and cozy as long as you want. But not too long;)  You've got a 2 week window before receiving an eviction notice;) Perhaps I can't seem to fall back asleep because I'm anxious.  To begin this journey. To know if you're a boy or a girl.  To hold you.  To see your sweet little face. It seems as though only yesterday we found out you were a part of me--growing and existing--something that always fascinates me and completely blows my mind.  And here we are, 38 weeks and counting.  Time has flown by!  I only hope the next years of our lives together go in slow motion.

The Mom

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  1. Aww...so sweet! I can't wait to meet this new little life! :)


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