Nov 29, 2012

Don't Get Snippy With Me!

We are well into our second pregnancy. 33 weeks tomorrow, to be exact. Since day one that we found out, Jeff has adamantly stated that he is going to get fixed. Vasectomy. The ol' snipperoo. Made unable to reproduce again. Which is fine by me because I know I'M not having any invasive surgery! I've got enough going on in my yonder regions!  I should say I WAS fine with the idea. But the more and more I've thought about it, the more it bothers me. We were fine not getting pregnant, until we wanted to and tried, so why can't we just go back to our old methods? It's not that I'm trying to have a brood of children--2 is a great number.  I should be rejoicing in the fact that we won't have to worry about being safe and there won't be any unexpected surprises. But I feel as though something is being taken away. Perhaps because it's not my decision? It's his body and I ultimately have no control over it. Damn! I just can't shake the bothersome feeling. I know that it can be reversed, but let's be honest--we aren't paying for that! Once it's done, it's done! Though, I probably shouldn't be fretting too much. He's yet to even look into it, let alone make an appointment.


  1. It may be his body, but its a decision that will affect both of your lives. It's a decision you two need to make together. It may be reversible, but he is still taking away your opportunity to make it a easy process. Furthermore...I can't believe you are 33 weeks and have not posted about it yet. AND your last post was forever ago!! Slacker!! :p

  2. I WISH Austin would get cut. He is making me be the one to do it. Sneaky little a-hole wants 5 kids and says he will get me pregnant on purpose. So, I have to get it done.

  3. Maybe subliminally he isn't 100% either which is why no appointment has been made. But if he doesn't want anymore, I can't force him. The same the other way around. Like I said, i'm fine with 2 so I don't know why it's bugging me lol

  4. Curtis wants to get a vasectomy too. He actually has gone as far as having the initial consultation ... but then canceled his actual appointment "because of work." (Hmmmm ...)

    He actually wanted one before we got pregnant with Corbin, but, well, you see how that turned out. :) Back then, I was really ambivalent about it. I felt weird. I wasn't sure. Now though - one child later - I actually KNOW that we're done, and FEEL done, and I'm perfectly okay with his decision. For the first time ever.

    He once told me, "I'd rather go through life feeling like I had more kids than I'd anticipated, than for you to go through life feeling like you didn't have enough." I thought that was really sweet. :)


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