Mar 27, 2012

In the Blink of an Eye

Sweet Little Lilly,
One short year ago our lives were forever changed.  It seems as though I just blinked and here we are, a year later. Where did all the time go?! Everyone always said "it's going to fly by and then she'll be 18" and I thought "Pfft yeah ok".  But It's True! I try to battle this by enjoying each day as it comes and goes and relishing in the moment. And by having a camera CONSTANTLY in your face, so nothing's forgotten;)

 I look forward to every day, seeing you grow and learn and I love watching the excitement on your face. The fascinated sparkle in your eyes makes me want to look at the world around me in a whole other light. I want to see it the way you do. This year has been one filled with wonderment, laughter, yawns, learning, stumbles, snuggles, love, hugs, kisses, diapers and did I mention yawns? You have brought me so much joy.  I can't imagine my life without you. I never knew that I had the maternal instinct; that I was meant to be a Momma. But this feels like the most natural thing in the world. Meant to be. You & me.

You amaze me every day and always will.

I love you so, so much.  More than words could ever describe. Happy 1st birthday baby girl.

Love, Mommy

Mar 22, 2012

Who Knew

Things I never knew until I had a baby:

--I CAN be unselfish. My needs and wants will never again be the first to come to mind and I wouldn't have it any other way.

--I no longer loathe mornings. I use to moan and groan at the sound of an alarm; ready to dredge away at a boring job.  Now I wake to the sound (usually) of a cheery baby cooing, screeching and laughing. Seeing her smile from ear to ear at the sight of my face omits any drowsiness and grump.

--I can use the bathroom using only 1 arm, while holding a child in the other.  Getting the pants pulled back up and buttoned/zipped is tricky.  But I'm a pro now!
--I can maneuver a shopping cart around the store using only 1 hand, while holding a napping child. NOT an easy task.
--One little giggle dissipates crummy attitudes.

--I would become "one of those" that share stories and pics of my baby with anyone willing to look and/or listen.

--I can cook--chop, stir, open cans, etc. with 1 hand while holding another curious person, hiked up on my hip, watching in awe.
--I have become an ambidextrious eater; simultaneously feeding her with 1 hand and myself with another.
--I would be content spending endless hours on the ground playing, crawling, singing, and laughing and never want to do anything else but this.
--I could be patient.