Jul 5, 2011

Got Milk?

Well, I sure do!! 

I've been breastfeeding for a little over 3 months now and so far everything has been going very well.  After the initial first week of soreness, extreme fatigue & the feeling that this new little human was permanently attached to my boob, all has been easy peasy. But as easy as it's been, I've been having my fair share of DUH moments. I don't know if she had some growth spurts and my milk production increased accordingly, but the month of June was a messy one! I spent the better half of the month changing shirts and breast pads.  Not only am I sticky from sweat caused by the Arizona heat, but add leaking boobs to the mix and you've got one hell of a mess!

For my birthday I went out with friends to dinner and a dance club. Towards the end of dinner I had soaked through all of the breast pads I brought with. Not only did I run out of nice new dry ones, but since I use washable ones, I had a purse (a very small one) full of sopping wet milk catchers.  Classy! Then when we got to the dance club I was SO engorged & in pain that I had to retire to a bathroom stall and expel milk all over the floor, not once, but twice.  It was completely ridiculous. And I was quite saddened at all the liquid gold that was going to waste. The saying "crying over spilled milk" has a deeper meaning to me now. Lesson learned: bring a big enough purse to tote a breast pump.  At least my tatas looked AMAZING and big that night:)

Jeff's family came for a visit and we took them to do a little sightseeing.  I forgot to wear breast pads. As soon as this thought crossed my mind, I felt my milk let down. I practically ran to the bathroom where I proceeded to fashion makeshift ones out of the closest material I could get my hands on. In my infinite wisdom I chose the rough, brown paper towels over soft-ish toilet paper.  Smart! I later boasted to his family that "I can't believe I forgot my pads.  That has NEVER happened before. It won't happen again!".

The next day.....

It happened again!

And again, I chose brown paper towels.  Only this time, it wasn't as cleverly concealed by my outfit and when I look at the pics from that day, I can see that my boobs had some weird shape to them thanks to the paper towels.

July brings a new month. And more wisdom. Aaaaahh, who am I kidding!? I'm just waiting for the moment that I become that chick in the store with two huge wet circles over her chest. If you see me, promise not to laugh too hard.

(I wrote this July 2 but didn't post. That night I went out & leaked. everywhere. again. Guess July will be a messy month too)