Mar 14, 2011

Ants in My Pants

I'm sooooooooo anxious! The baby is due on the 19th and I realize babies come when they want, not on some stupid date chosen by a doc. Not usually at least;)  But as the date creeps closer and closer, I wake every day more and more antsy. Since last thursday, my internal monologue has gone like so:

Is this gonna be the day?!
Is this gonna be the weekend?
How about today...

And so I sit and wait.  Trying to be patient.  There's no use in not. I'm still enjoying being pregnant (I can hear some eyes rolling). The pregnancy has been pretty much a piece of cake for me.  Not that I have any personal experiences to reference to. Just judging off of other's experiences/gripes/complaints. As much as I am still relishing in the feelings and movements that come from within, I can't wait for the next chapter to begin.  I'm not scared. I'm not hesitant.  I'm more...curious I guess.  And anxious.  Have I already mentioned that? What's it (the birth) going to feel like, how is the day going to progress, will we respond the way we've been planning, what's it going to feel like holding & looking at this tiny little human that we made? I. Want. To. Know. Already!!

Mar 9, 2011

I'm Offended Too!

Today I received a message from the Facebook gods that went something like this "Your profile picture has been removed for violating terms...blah blah blah".  Apparently the above photo has been deemed by some shit head to be offensive. According to their terms, a photo cannot contain the following: illegal drug use, excessive violence, direct attacks on a group or be sexually explicit. photo is none of those!  So then WTF was it tagged and deleted for? It's true, the photo could be deemed as a sensual photo.  But definitely not sexual! Not even close!! We are showing a lot of skin. But there's no nipple.  There's not even breast tissue showing! And it's not like we're recreating the act that created our baby! Since when did a showing of the love between two consenting adults & a visual of the ever expanding stomach filled with a tiny human life become offensive?!  You know what offends me (and this is NOT an easy task) is that someone took time out of their day to report our show of love. It's okay for barely legal girls to galavant around on the pages of FB, unbeknownst to their parents, in bikinis & bra tops, showing off ass crack and trying to be provocative, but I can't post a picture that shows off my stomach.  The other thing that really irks me is that I'd like to send in a formal complaint to FB.  To someone that will actually read it.  Alas, I can't find any info where correspondence will be read by a living, breathing, human being.  So here I sit, writing a blog about it, venting, where it will be read by possibly noone.  But at least I feel better now. Go fuck yourself Facebook.  How's that for offensive?!