Feb 1, 2011

But Everybody Else is Doing it!

Okay, so perhaps the title to this entry is off a bit.  Everybody USED to do it, but not so much anymore.  At least, not as commonly.  I'm referring to natural childbirth.  Women have welcomed bundles of joy into their lives for millenia "naturally".  Of course, they didn't call it "natural" because it was just what it was.  Now with the advent of drugs and surgeries the "normal" way is not necessarilly the natural route.  It all makes my head spin with confusion!

I guess I'll be going against the grain when it comes to having my baby. I suppose somewhat against the grain has been my M.O. for quite some time;) I understand in many countries around the world women still have their babies the way nature intended.  And I also realize there are vast numbers of women in the US who do the same.  However, only 1 person in my bubble of existance has gone the au naturale route--to my knowledge.  And she was still in a hospital hooked up to machines and things that would make me feel like a science experiment.  Unless you count my mother who unknowingly was in labor for a whole weekend before I came prematurely at 33 weeks.  Once she realized I was coming fastly and early into this world, it was too late to take drugs.  I'm not sure if she would've opted for them had she been given the chance. So noone that I know and can converse with about it on a super personal level has gone down the path I...we, are about to embark on.  A path that we've chosen since before we got pregnant. (though a few friends have expressed this desire the next time they have a baby & have been very supportive in my decision--thanks!)

I'm no hero.  I completely understand the need for pain medication.  The WANT for it. I have no qualms, concerns nor reservations for my friends that are so drugged up during their child's birth that you could saw off their leg and they wouldn't feel a thing.  If that's what you want, then fantastic!  I don't blame you one iota.  I whole heartedly stand by your decision.  Because it's YOUR decision to make. But it's not for me.  I am fully aware that I am going to feel every. single. thing. that occurs on my baby's birth day. And I don't want it any other way!

We plan on having the baby at the Tucson Birth Center.  The birth will be attended by one of their fantastic CNM's (certified nurse midwives), my mom and of course Jeffrey:)  The center itself has a very homelike feel to it, with big comfy beds where Jeff can join me, soft lighting--just all around a cozy, secure and calming vibe.  Also in the rooms are birthing tubs.  I'm almost positive I will use the tub for contractions but still not sure if I'll actually have the baby in the water.  I plan on just going with the flow that day and doing what feels right and what feels comfortable. 

People have asked if I'm nervous or scared or a tid bit crazy for opting out of pain medications. I can positively answer NO to all of that.  I hold 100% confidence in my body's ability to handle the birth, for it to be as calming of an experience as I allow it to be, for it to be a wonderful experience for all involved. I'm excited. Thrilled!  A bit curious as to what it's going to feel like.  But in no way, shape, or form am I scared.  The only thing I'm a bit fearful of is that for some reason I won't be able to have the baby at the birth center and will have to go to the hospital.  Not because of complications with the birth, but because I am out of town or my blood sugar gets out of control & I risk out of being able to have the baby at the center.  Something as trivial as that scares me.  But the actual birth and the pain that my body was intended to naturally endure--no fears with that! I'm completely throwing the preconceived notions of Hollywood theatrics of what a birth is like, out the window. 

If you've had a wonderful, natural experience please share!

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