Nov 10, 2010


I wear upon my feet, the most awesomest of awesome sandals IN THE WORLD!  Meet the Yoga Sandals:

Their name by no means implies that you must practice yoga.  I surely don't. Unless you count the few times a year that I intend to start and then get sidetracked a week later, leaving my yoga "practice" to collect dust.  These sandals are great for anyone.  They feel a bit funky at first try because there is a seperator between each toe.  But man oh man, do I miss that feeling after trekking around in regular flip flops for a couple of days.  In regular flip flops, I notice fatigue in my feet and calves after a short while.  In contrast, when I wear my Yoga Sandals, I could walk all day long and my feet feel great! And as added bonus, I can paint my nails whilst wearing them and not worry about them getting smudged by nearby toes.  The only setback is the strange side glances & whispers I get from passerbyers.  If only I had a yoga sandal twin then I wouldn't feel so alone.  Wonder if I could get Jeff to rock some...

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  1. I don't think they look that weird, and if they make your legs/feet feel great, wear the shit out of 'em!

    I'm trying not to spend money. Posts like this one make it really hard for me to not do so!


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