Nov 11, 2010

Happy Veteran's Day

Today is Veteran's Day.  So, naturally everyone is thanking those that have served, are serving or will serve.  Being a veteran myself and being surrounded by military friends on a daily basis I greatly appreciate the thanks.  After all, being in the military is never an easy job.  It takes a selfless person to sign your life away on the the dotted line.  We may not always be happy with our decision nor agree with all that is entailed in our daily lives on the job, be we do (or did) it nonetheless, with heads held high.  It's a difficult thing to be far removed from family, miss out on birthdays and holidays, numerous weddings and sadly, funerals as well.  Though I'm thankful to have never been in combat nor lost a fellow brother or sister in war, my heart goes out to the countless lives that have been given in sacrifice of others freedom.  I can only imagine what it is like to hold a dear friend as they take their last breath. I can barely conjure the images that race through Jeff's nightmares as he tosses and turns at night, remembering all that he lived through and that others did not. 

I am grateful that so many people are thankful today.  I don't have school.  My friends don't have work.  We get to eat at a restaurant for FREE for lunch and dinner.  Bonus!  But it makes me wish people were more thankful on a daily basis, not just when the calendar says so.  It reminds me of a time in the not so distant past when I was in the Air Force still, out to lunch in uniform, asked the waiter for the bill and instead was handed this hand written note on a napkin:  

It gave me warm and fuzzies to know that we were appreciated and it wasn't even Veteran's Day.  Really, it's the small things that count. 


  1. Things like that are so awesome. That happened to us once - Curtis and Colin and I were at lunch, and Curtis was in uniform, and a guy just walked up and told us that our lunch was on him. I have never forgotten that simple act of generosity ...

  2. Yeah, I love that stuff! I was thanked a lot via text and Jeff and I were eligible at a few different restaurants in the local area to eat a meal for free. It pretty much rocks!


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