Sep 7, 2010

Working Out

Who says you can't multitask while driving? Yeah, I'm totally against texting while driving.  Unless you're at a red light.  Or in a traffic jam.  BUT there are many other things I often accomplish while simultaneously driving, always aware of my surroundings, always checking my mirrors.  First off, I go insane if I don't have music blaring whilst I drive.  I'm sure I'm very entertaining to the passengers in neighboring cars as I belt out songs, daydreaming I'm on stage, sometimes holding a pen as a microphone.  I also like to play the drums on my steering wheel.  A lot. I never do air guitar though because that's just dorky;)  I remember seeing this show from VH1 called Motormouth.  I thought it an amazing idea and secretly worried one of my jackass friends would sign me up for the show, airing my dreadful car concerts on national tv.  Alas, I lived in Germany at the time so it never happened.

I also do most of my daily thinking while I'm behind the wheel.  Which is why I don't write on this blog as often as I'd like.  My mind runs a million miles a minute thinking up thousands of ideas I want to write about, where I want to go, what I want to do, ideas for the house, my hair.  The list is endless.  Problem is, by the time I reach my destination where I could safely jot all down, I forget to do so.  Then I get home, get sidetracked or become a gelatenous blob of human goo whom apparently has no brain waves. 

The newest addition to my plethora of multitasks is exercising.  Whaaaa?  That's right! Working out my Kegel muscles baby.  Gettin' all buff and shit.  Now, these exercises are nothing new to my repertoire.  I've always sporatically done them to acquire, for lack of better words, more grip.  If you have a vagina and don't know what Kegel exercises are, I suggest you crawl out of your cave.  Click here.  And get to clenching!  I recently went from doing them just once in a while to doing them at least every time I'm in the car.  Not only do I still strive for that firm grip but I'm also hoping to prevent some things.  After I have this baby I really don't want to piss myself everytime I laugh, run, cough or sneeze.  I don't want to be known as Misses Peebody.  It may be wishful thinking.

Go figure that the exercise was invented, or at least popularized by an effin man, and so aptly received it's name from said dude!  Because, you know, he has vaginal pelvic floor muscles and knows exactly what's it's like loosing that tight feeling.  Uh, ok so maybe he does. I think it would have been much more fitting to be named something more feminine.  And sweet sounding. If only a doctor named Lillian had spread the word about this exercise.  "I'm off to do my Lillians" sounds soooooo much better.

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  1. I'm lucky: three kids and I have yet to experience any bladder problems. *runs off to knock on wood*

    I do my kegels, though. Maybe that's why.


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