Sep 10, 2010


I recently won a gift certificate from Eden Fantasys via my friend Rita over at Fighting Frumpy.  I was super stoked to shop online, perusing the selection with Jeff.  We didn't get anything too insane.  Been there done that.  Plus we wanted to stay in the $25 gift certificate budget.  We ordered a game & some paint:)  I was soooo excited yesterday when a box arrived from them.  But then I opened it.  And the weirdness ensued.  A HUGE bottle of lube.  A vibe.  Hmmm I didn't order this shit!  WTF?!  Then I looked at the shipping form.  It had someone else's name and address.  The strange part was the address was in South Bend, IN.  SOUTH BEND!  That's where I grew up.  And it was on O'Brien Street which is the 1st street I lived on.  CRAZINESS!  What the hell is the likelyhood that of all cities in the states to send me a wrong package from, it's from my home town.  I just wish it had been someone I know-haha.

There was another time the cosmos brought weird shit my way.  When I was living in Guam (a tiny island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean), I was in a packed nightclub and turned around to see a girl I grew up with.  She happened to be in the Navy & her ship was at port for a few days.  What the hell is the chances of that happening? 


  1. I used to work with Eden Fantasies and they're totally inept. This doesn't surprise me.

  2. How weird!!! Sorry about the mix-up ... but at least you got a cool story out of it. :)

    I love weird coincidences like that. One summer when we were in Germany, Curtis and I were picking grapes in a little vineyard on the Mosel river with some other Americans. We could hear the other people talking as they picked. And this one girl was talking about her college roommate - which happened to be someone I went to school with! Keep in mind - my hometown has all of 1500 people - there were a whopping 35 people in my graduating class. Crazy!

    Anyway, let me know if you're having trouble getting your shipment straightened out. Unless you decided to just keep the lube. ;)

  3. Rita that is so weird. Just goes to show you the world is smaller than we think. I'm sure they'll get everything straightened out. I just hope i get to keep the other stuff too! Bonus:)

  4. OMG!! That is the most awesome story I've heard in recent history!

    The fact it's happened to you twice, w/the package destined for someone or place you knew before is extra twisty! WOW!


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