Aug 1, 2010

Funk You!

<---talk about a shitty job!

Oh my goodness what is that stench?!  I just took a shower about an hour ago.  What the hell!  *sniff sniff* Armpits!  It's my damn pits, reeking of FUNK! 

Rewind to pre-pregnancy and I never wore deodorant.  I rarely sweat.  I could do a hard workout sans deodorant and walk out of the gym smelling semi-fresh.  But now, not so much.  I'm sweating my ass off just breathing.  And I stink. Like onions.  If I notice it, I can only imagine how offensive I am to other people.  Sorry guys haha. Blame it on the baby;) 

I knew with pregnancy would come weight gain, stretchmarks, leaking boobs, moodier days (like I need more of those!), possible cravings.  However, I was never warned that my body temperature would rise, rise, rise and I would go from the girl that's always cold if it's below 85 with a slight breeze, to the chick that's insessantly sweating like a whore in church.  Especially when I'm not even sporting a baby bump yet. Guess I'm off to get some aluminum & all the other crap chemicals-free funk reducer.  Or maybe I'll mix up some concoction of oils I have at home.  I'm just thankful I won't be hugely pregnant when the thermostats read triple digits in lovely Arizona.

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  1. UGH. I remember having all kinds of weird things happen when I was preggo. BLEH.

    Mostly, I also remember being REALLY HOT and SWOLLEN (especially towards the end). ALso, I had horrible gas. That sounds sick, but it's true. I'm sorry Jeff had to deal w/all that :-/ I was pregnant during the winter in Alaska, and even though Nate was born in July, it was still only in the 70s. I couldn't imagine being pregnant in AZ at that time! *WHEW*

    I've always had to wear deodorant, pregnant or not, so I'm impressed you've never needed it till now!


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