Jun 13, 2010

dont get your panties in a bunch!

"Are you fucking serious" were the words flowing from the 50something year old portly woman this morning. Early. 5am. Geez lady-do you kiss your mother with that mouth? I have a potty mouth to put many sailors to shame but at least I know how to tame it down.

I was waiting in line to check in & these two broads lugging 3 large pieces of baggage a piece-seriously with 25bucks a piece for checked baggage why would you have 3? A piece. Well I did say she was portly-perhaps those panties take up a lot of space?

Why was she flipping out & simultaneously entertaining me by being an ass in public? She couldn't get on the flight she was booked on. It was a little after 5 and her flight was at 530. Really lady?! Is this your 1st time or something? Because everyone knows you're supposed to check in a good hour ahead of time. If you're checking in an assload of baggage (pun totally intended) then you should come even earlier. Flights usually board 20minutes or so BEFORE your departure time, so really what the hell were you thinking? And why are you cussing out the poor lady behind the counter? She's not the dumb ass that didn't plan ahead & get to the airport in a timely manner. That lady behind the counter shouldve told bitchy lady to fly there on her broom stick. Or at least shove one where the sun don't shine.

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  1. LOL!!! My friend was telling me yesterday how she and her husband were shopping at this particular grocery store, and there was a lady w/four kids who left her cart in the aisle to go grab something. Another lady came up behind and said, "UH, can you MOVE YOUR ASS??!! You're not the ONLY ONE SHOPPING HERE!!"

    I guess the other lady just ignored her, but JEEESUS! People are hilarious, especially when they're being evil and retarded at the same time :-D


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