May 13, 2010

Just call me P

My middle name should've been "Procrastinator".  Amy Procrastinator Miner.  No, fuck that!  It should be my first name.  Procrastinator Extraordinaire Amy.  Perhaps I should run down to the city hall and put in for a name change?!  I'm not really sure when this gnarly habit first reared its unruly head, but its been with me all through adulthood.  Now that I'm thinking back, I do recollect being on the school bus--to elementary school nonetheless--doing homework while the wheels on the bus went round and round.  Why the hell was I waiting til the last minute to do simple times tables?

I sure didn't come out of the womb as a procrastinator.  I came into this world full force, as somewhat of an overachiever.  I busted out of that cell almost 2 months early; tiny (4lbs 4oz to be exact) but ready to conquer all that stood in my way.  So why then now, do I put off everything in my life until I feel the breath of pressure panting down my neck?  Does my body really crave the endorphins that are released as I'm sweating my ass off at the thought of not making it to an appointment on time/not getting an assignment done/ studying last minute/packing last minute/fill in the blank.  Granted, I do work well under pressure but I would really like to be able to live like a "normal" person and just do things in a timely manner. Case in point: right now I should be studying for an exam, but instead I sit here and type.  Go figure! Perhaps I'll try to work on this "problem" of mine.  I will get right on it!  Tomorrow...


  1. Well, there are studies confirming certain segments of the population seem to do better under stress, so perhaps you're just always doomed to be a procrastinator!

    I can't talk; I was congratulating myself on the knowledge I still had a few weeks to replace my windshield, so my car would pass inspection for my registration renewal before the end of May. That was until I found out two days ago I had been driving w/expired tags for 13 days :-/ (Hmm, I REALLY thought my tags were good through MAY! I know I got something in the mail about renewal--which I've lost--in April, but I thought it was just the state of UT being proactive!) So, not only am I a procrastinator, but I can't even get the deadlines right as to when I stop procrastinating and start getting shit DONE!

  2. I think that some people that procrastinate, (myself included) are really just prioritizing to the "nth" degree. And who doesn't like that "rush", right? :)

    I hope you will keep putting off your studies and post more---you are great writer!


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