Apr 16, 2010

just put a plug in it!


is what I've looked like all freakin' day!  Even though I'm enjoying the beautiful bounty of flowers & blooming things the desert is showing off, I'm not enjoying the allergies that come with them.  I'm allergic to Arizona! Seriously.  I've had an allergy test done and almost every tree, grass and plant that grows here tickles my nose and scratches my eyes.  It's so unfortunate because I absolutely love it here.  I'll take the allergies dammit.  Today has been by far the worst day.  As the histamine pummels through my system I try to ignore my body being invaded from the outside-in.  You see, I don't like to take medicine unless absolutely necessary.  I don't get sick very often and when I get the sniffles I just deal with them, drink lots of H2O, maybe drink some Immune Boost tea and hope for the best.  This usually works.  The only sickness I usually suffer from is the occasional hangover & being that it's self-inflicted I suppose I can't really count that.  Stupid wine!  But now I feel as though the meak & easily ignorable allergy is morphing into some monstrous cold.  Boo! Looks like I'm gonna have to kick this cold in the ass the "normal" way and take some drugs.  I have a lot of homework, a 4.2 mile run tomorrow--Pat's Run, (which will most likely be me walking fast and almost passing out when I attempt to jog), a visit with the family and studying.  I can't keep having people stare at me while I have this shit shoved up my nose.  By the way, it's making my nose appear to be very, very bulbous, which it is NOT! The constant changing of my "plugs" is wearing down our TP supply and they don't seem to be helping. Ugh...they're saturated and the ooze is fastly approaching my top lip.

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