May 27, 2009

my first love

It all began when I was just a wee little fetus. My mom would drink strawberry protein shakes almost daily. When I was born I had a red birthmark on my noggin. As a child, whenever asked what kind of cake I wanted, the swift reply was always "Strawberry!!!!!" with a hint of "duh!" added in for bonus. Even to this day I yearn for the days when strawberries are in season so I can eat them in mass quantity. Usually, I don't want anything tainting them. No sugar, no cool whip, no cream, no chocolate. I just want the strawberries. I just want to bite into the sweet, juicy fruit, feel the crunch of the seeds and savour every tiny morsel. And I love how strawberries have the green top on them--it's like a little handle. How many other fruits have a cool handle?! A few fun facts about strawberries:

~on average, each strawberry has 200 seeds!
~it is the only fruit with seeds on the outside
~it's name is believed to come from the fact that farmers would lay straw underneath the berries to keep weeds at bay and to keep the berries from touching the ground and rotting quickly
~strawberries don't ripen once they are picked (so never buy ones that aren't bright red!)
~they were the symbol for Venus Goddess of Love (perhaps because of their vivid red color & heart shape?)
~it has many medicinal uses, but unfortunately many people are highly allergic to them (sorry for you! more for me:)

As you can see, my love for strawberries goes deeper than my tastebuds. I even have strawberry scented candles, lipgloss and my favorite lotion from the Body Shop. I have to use it sparingly because I usually want to eat my arm it smells so yummy! You can imagine my delight when I was at a local market this weekend and found 1lb containers of strawberries 3 for $1!! That's not a typo! I swiftly loaded up my cart with nine pounds. Now that I'm thinking of it, I should've gotten more. My freezer is now loaded up with bags of strawberries--conveniently frozen for future use in smoothies. Of course I left a container out so I could just munch on them. I think I'll go have some more:)

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