Apr 27, 2009

a change to the change

I’ve been slowly working towards a BS in Parks & Recreational Management through NAU, which is in Flagstaff (northern AZ). Obviously the courses are online so I don’t get the benefit of hands-on courses, which I really thrive on. I took a little over a year off while I was in massage school and started back this spring. As this semester is nearing its end, I’ve been doing lots of thinking and have decided to end this learning path and go in the direction of something else. Shocked?! Yeah, me neither! I change my mind like a hooker changes partners.

The thing with the Parks degree is that I could get a job at a national park—but I’ve looked at some of their internship programs and they don’t allow facial piercings or excessive tats. I spent the last 10 years taking out my piercings and covering up for work and I’m done hiding who I am! If I can't get a job somewhere that accepts me for me, then I don't want to fucking work for them. Plain and simple. I could still get a job with a city park I’m sure. But my problem isnt with the actual job or finding one, its with some of the required courses. About 10 of them, to be exact. I’ve been putting off all of these courses that have to do with planning, paperwork, building recreational programs, etc. I don’t want to learn about that shit. I could take the courses and do just fine, but the problem is that I have no interest in doing them whatsoever! I want to learn about nature. I want to take people on tours, guided hikes, educate them. I don’t want to make a plan for an after school program for one of the community centers. My lack of interest in these required classes got me doing a lot of soul searching and thinking about what interests me.

I love geography. There was a time in my younger years where I knew almost every country in the world and its capital. I know all the shapes of the states. I’m good with direction. I love to read & study maps. I can read a road atlas for hours, studying every vein of the roads traversing the pages, imagining what each place is like. When I fly, I HAVE to be in the window seat, staring out until we’ve reached high above the clouds and I can no longer study the natural and human made landscapes. When I was in elementary school I would close my eyes when I was in a car and try to figure out where I was according to which turns we took. Just in case I was ever kidnapped and blind-folded. Sick mind, I know! Haha. I never want to own a GPS unit for my car! I would be sad to never peruse a map again. With all that said, I’ve decided to go to the UofA, which happens to be in Tucson. I’m going to persue a BS in Geography with a focus in Cartography (map making). Whoohoo!!

Also, if you’ve read my foodblog (mindyourpeasandqs.blogspot.com) then you know how I love everything that grows. The problem is, I don’t know much about it! Ive always wanted a garden, always wanted to grow my own food and have always been intrigued by plant life. So I’m going to double major and get a BS in Plant Sciences with a focus in controlled environments (greenhouses). I’m super stoked to learn how to make plants have sex—hehe. I would love to become successful at growing some of my own food and then share my knowledge with my neighborhood—perhaps starting a community garden someday.

I’m really looking forward to the hands-on experiences that both of these degree courses offer. Yes, there will be classes that are uber boring and totally kick my ass but I have a feeling the good will outweigh the bad. I sent in my application a couple days ago. Cross your fingers & toes that I get accepted:) (and that i'm not the only "old" person in my classes--hahaha)

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