Dec 16, 2008

hey baby, wanna spin on my pole?

my whole body is sore right now. this happens every week around this time:( i can feel the tightening of my arms, the sharp pains throughout my stomach & legs & back. okay, maybe i'm exaggerating--its not SHARP pains, but its the good kind of workout pain. the kind that lets you know you actually accomplished something. my muscles hurt, yet i keep flexing them only to make them hurt more. i used to do the same thing when i had braces and the orthodontist would tighten them. it hurt to chew anything, but i loved how it felt at the same time when i did chew something. weird, i know. anyhoo, i'm sore not from running, not from some pilates vid (though i know my body and i would be sore from those too!). i'm sore from Pole Dancing!! i'm in a 6week pole fitness class. check me out: hahaha okay, that's not really me! i'm definitely not strong enough for that. if that was me i would need to be wearing a helmet because i'd most likely be crashing into the ground, full speed ahead!!
but i am in the course and i love it! it's fun and its a great workout. for those of you in Tucson, you should definitely give it a try:
its guaranteed to make you sizzle!! i'm gonna go soak in a hot bath now