Nov 21, 2008

ring my bell

It's that time of year again. You leave a store and there they are. Ringing & jingling their bells. They eyeball you and when you don't drop any money into their buckets, they yell "have a good night" just to make sure you make eye contact with them. Or maybe it's to make you feel like an ass for not giving. I always respond back with a cheerful "'night". But then I walk back to my car feeling lousy.

I'm broke as fuck right now! Sure if I actually used cash these days I would spare some of my change and place it into their buckets. But its usually few and far between when I actually have coins or paper on me. Even if I did give, the minute I come out of another store there's a fresh new face eagerly awaiting me to reach into my pocket and when I don't, I feel their eyes burning a hole into the back of my head. I can't give to them all! I can't dole out cash to every one of these fuckers standing outside a store front. I know they are there to try to collect and help those less fortunate. But instead of me feeling like I'm helping & doing a good deed, I feel pressured and judged. I wish they weren't there. I wish if you want to give to a cause, you can go to an agency and donate; not feel bullied.

And in the back of my mind I wonder if they are legit. I mean really, how hard would it be to get a bell and a bucket. I've seen them with a white plastic bucket before. That's it! Hmmm, what a great idea. I could use the cash.
*just joking.

Nov 4, 2008

mop top

This is part 2 of the hair series. (read my previous blog to get an idea of what i'm talking about).

The hair show was fun. I gave them free reign to do what they wanted. I'm loving the color, but the cut...not so much. It's just hair--it'll grow. And maybe during the growing stage I'll learn to love it. We'll see.

The first day they decided what to do with my hair. Because it was a detailed coloring process, they did half my head that day, so that night I got to walk around with half blond with roots, and half dark chocolate with violet, red and blonde accents. I looked interesting, to say the least. The next morning, which happened to be after the Halloween party, was a bit hellacious. I'm sure I was still wasted when I first got to the show. The company I worked with did 2 shows--I had to be in both of them. The first was to explain the color technique, the second was to demo the cut. During the 1st one i almost puked all over the stage about 5 times because i felt like ass from the night before. Good thing my back was facing the crowd for the most part. After lunch was the second show and that went a lot smoother. I guess the color and cut technique I received is from their fall collection--so it's cutting edge (pun intended). I've never had a top notch 'do before! After the cut I had to walk through the crowd and let them touch my hair, take pics, etc. This is what it's supposed to look like but I'm no good at doing hair, so it only looked near this on the day of the show.

Here I am getting my makeup done--before I got the rest of my head colored and cut.

I don't have any pics of my new look. Not normal ones that is. For being in the show we got free food for 2 days. Plus after the final show we got a goodie bag filled to the brim with products--over 100 dollars worth! They could've shaved my head for all i cared. haha! I'm broke. And I looooove free stuff:)