Sep 5, 2008

some muthaf*ckin bullsh*t

Everyone knows I love to travel. Sure, I like the occassional roadtrip but I prefer to fly. It's faster! When I have some place in mind to go I WANT TO GET THERE. I don't like to waste a majority of my vacation driving. So you can imagine my dismay when I received an email from Continental Air (my frequent flyer airline) and read this bullshit:

Quick synopses: they are charging $15 for your first checked bag, $25 for a second. So if you are a family travelling with checked luggage--do the math. I usually travel light but it's nice to check a piece of luggage so I don't have to lug it around. I've had many occassions where I've had to run to my connecting flight and it's way easier without luggage in tow. Aren't they already charging enough for flights, now they have to charge for fucking luggage too? What if everyone stops checking because they don't want to pay? What the hell are they going to do with all the luggage space? Sell it to companies to offset their gas prices perhaps? I haven't looked to see if other airlines are charging for luggage. If they aren't I'm sure they will be soon.

You know, if the US had a superb train system like the rest of the world that would be a great option for travelling. But no!!!!! I can't even take a train from here to Phoenix.

So what to do? I guess I'll just complain some more and then jam all of my shit into one bag that will fit in the cabin. Look for me--I'll be one of those annoying people holding up the line as I try to stuff my oversized bag into the overhead compartment:)

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