Sep 26, 2008

Hope You Have Comfy Shoes

I was driving down the street today and saw a guy standing on the side of the road in a bright blue polo shirt and khaki shorts. He was standing right on the edge of the street, near the curb. He was staring in the direction of the traffic flow. Weird! At first I thought he was waiting for a bus, but why would he be staring the wrong way? Did he have eyes in the back of his head? Upon further observation I noticed he was nowhere near a bus stop. Nor was he remotely close to any corner. He just stood there looking lost along a barren stretch of dirt and concrete. That's when I noticed it. Two cars ahead of me bright brake lights slammed on. A dingy old red car darted from the curbside across two lanes of traffic to make a U-turn. I passed the car. I passed her. She was crying her eyes out. Now the mystery was solved...or was it? Now I had an answer as to why this guy was looking so forlorn. The blurry eyed maniacal driver had kicked his ass out of the car. I'm assuming it was an abrupt stop too seeing as though we were nowhere near an intersection, driveway, anything that would have made for a smooth exit. I imagined a bunch of "I fucking hate you"'s and "I can't believe you called me fat. Get the fuck out"'s. Or "No! I will never let you put it in my ass you pig gettouta my car!" Sadly, I will never know their drama. I'm sure what I've conjured up in my head is a more entertaining story anyhow.

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