Jun 24, 2008

on the road again

One more day and we are out of here! We go to the STP concert tomorrow night and then thursday morning we hit the road:) "I can't believe you are driving instead of flying" said the naysayers. I think it's going to be a fantastic time. We are leaving Tucson, heading east towards NM. We're going to drive through Roswell hoping to find our lost alien families. Okay, so not really, but neither of us has been there so why not pass through on our way. If we find something cool, great! If not, then we know not to go back:) Then we are going to Chicago, the Bend & Chattanooga with a few pitstops along the way. Then I'm back in time to start my next school. I'm going to use every fucking cent of that GI Bill. I don't care if I have to take the most unusual, obnoxious classes to fulfill this dream of mine. haha. I'm going to miss my massage school graduation though:( I really wish I could be there but we have our minds set on this roadtrip so I can change it now. You bitches have fun at the grad & even more fun at Tens. Wish I could be there to watch the insanity that I'm sure will ensue at the strip club. And to all of you not going to see STP for their comeback tour, I'll make sure to rock out with my cock out for you. What?! You didn't know I had a dick? Fools!! Why do you think Jeff loves me so much? haha (he's gonna kill me if he reads this)

much love,

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