Jun 11, 2008

food galore!

We were in Phx again this past weekend and went to a kind-of farmer's market not too far from my mom's house. It's an actual established building & store and is opened every day. We don't have anything like that in Tucson. We only have the kind of farmer's markets that are opened once a week. Boo! And we've tried two of them and they both sucked (though I'm sure maybe we were just there at a bad time...i have faith!). Anyways, we've been to the one by my mom's before so we decided to hit it up before we headed back home. I really, really, really wish this place was near us seeing as though it would save us SOOOOOOOO much money. Here's what we got (bear with me & the long list):

~6 little avacados
~2.7lbs roma tomatoes
~4 16oz containers of strawberries
~4 12oz containers of blackberries
~3 red bell peppers
~5 orange bell peppers
~4 lemons
~2 artichokes
~4 granny smith apples
~4 peaches
~1lb bananas
~2lb bag of baby carrots
~1lb broccoli crowns
~1 large head of garlic
~2 pears
~2.5lb bag of green grapes
~2lb bag of cherries
~4 red plums

All of this for only $23.57!!!!!!!!!!!!! This would have cost about $70 at least at a regular grocery store. Craziness!

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