Jun 24, 2008

on the road again

One more day and we are out of here! We go to the STP concert tomorrow night and then thursday morning we hit the road:) "I can't believe you are driving instead of flying" said the naysayers. I think it's going to be a fantastic time. We are leaving Tucson, heading east towards NM. We're going to drive through Roswell hoping to find our lost alien families. Okay, so not really, but neither of us has been there so why not pass through on our way. If we find something cool, great! If not, then we know not to go back:) Then we are going to Chicago, the Bend & Chattanooga with a few pitstops along the way. Then I'm back in time to start my next school. I'm going to use every fucking cent of that GI Bill. I don't care if I have to take the most unusual, obnoxious classes to fulfill this dream of mine. haha. I'm going to miss my massage school graduation though:( I really wish I could be there but we have our minds set on this roadtrip so I can change it now. You bitches have fun at the grad & even more fun at Tens. Wish I could be there to watch the insanity that I'm sure will ensue at the strip club. And to all of you not going to see STP for their comeback tour, I'll make sure to rock out with my cock out for you. What?! You didn't know I had a dick? Fools!! Why do you think Jeff loves me so much? haha (he's gonna kill me if he reads this)

much love,

Jun 11, 2008

food galore!

We were in Phx again this past weekend and went to a kind-of farmer's market not too far from my mom's house. It's an actual established building & store and is opened every day. We don't have anything like that in Tucson. We only have the kind of farmer's markets that are opened once a week. Boo! And we've tried two of them and they both sucked (though I'm sure maybe we were just there at a bad time...i have faith!). Anyways, we've been to the one by my mom's before so we decided to hit it up before we headed back home. I really, really, really wish this place was near us seeing as though it would save us SOOOOOOOO much money. Here's what we got (bear with me & the long list):

~6 little avacados
~2.7lbs roma tomatoes
~4 16oz containers of strawberries
~4 12oz containers of blackberries
~3 red bell peppers
~5 orange bell peppers
~4 lemons
~2 artichokes
~4 granny smith apples
~4 peaches
~1lb bananas
~2lb bag of baby carrots
~1lb broccoli crowns
~1 large head of garlic
~2 pears
~2.5lb bag of green grapes
~2lb bag of cherries
~4 red plums

All of this for only $23.57!!!!!!!!!!!!! This would have cost about $70 at least at a regular grocery store. Craziness!

Jun 2, 2008

older times

I was in Phx hanging out with my mom last weekend and we stumbled upon a used book store. This place was going out of business. Fortunately it wasn't due to the huge stores like Barnes & Noble. The young guy at the front desk said the owners wanted to retire and decided to close the doors. I wish I had gone into the store before! Everything was 60% off. EVERYTHING! We easily spent a couple of hours in there, perusing the endless selections of old & newer books, all while listening to a vast collection of The Beatles:) There was this huge stack of National Geographic Magazines. I could have easily spent hours looking at all of them and even more money, but I chose just a few that really caught my attention and made me all giddy inside. The oldest one I purchased was from January 1919. It had a story about Chicago and how extraordinary and cutting edge the city was. Here's a few snipits from the magazine. Also, a few ads that I thought were nifty. Just imagine what people will think when they read magazines from 2008, in about a century.

check out the Chicago skyline! if you've never been there, google what the skyline looks like now!

Whoooo check out those bathing suits. Scandalous!

I can't even imagine being able to buy a car, let alone a brand new car for under 2 grand. what do you think that equates to in today's world?

i saved the best for last;) see what Listerine was used for in 1919. it wasnt just your ordinary mouthwash. that shit burns my mouth, i couldnt imagine putting it anywhere near my vag as they recommend doing. eeks!