Jan 13, 2008

vroom vroom

my mom is probably going to kill me when i finally tell her about this. i just learned how to ride a motorcycle! ive been on the back of them as a passenger before but never drove. i went through an actual Basic Riders Course through one of the community colleges here. its something i'd always wanted to do but always procrastinated on. so finally i said fuck it and me & jenn signed up to do the class. they take you through the basics. tiny baby steps. at first i was so scared. i was nervous about having to shift, etc. but once i turned that sucker on and felt the power between my thighs (haha that sounds so pornographic), i knew i was going to love it! and i did. i do! its so exhilarating! now all i need to do is come up with some cash flow to purchase a bike!!

*i promise to always wear a helmet, protective gear & not drive beyond my knowledge. i want this to be fun, not a death sentence