Dec 21, 2007

Hunger Get What Hunger Want!

first off, i love those snickers commercials--they make me giggle. hehe

i left the grocery store today feeling a wee bit perturbed. i spent $80 and didnt really get much! i wasnt even wandering the aisles on an empty stomach throwing everything into the basket that i could get my grubby little dick beaters on. NO--i went there with an agenda, with a list. and it wasnt even an extensive list. it was just a list of things to get for christmas dinner. i even purchased the store brand products when available. $80!! fuck! now i know why half of america is obese! its much cheaper to go to a fast food place everyday, get a couple of things off the dollar menu and called it good. think about it...say you get a couple of meals at one of those joints a day. you spend $9 total (if you go the cheap route). times that by 30 days in a month and that equates to $270 a month. OR you go the traditional route, cooking your own meals and spend an average whopping amount of $320 a month (using 80 a week). thats just a rough estimate. the former giving you quick meals, at a cheaper price, ease of no dirty dishes, etc plus an artery blockage in the making (yay!!). the latter brings you possibly more nutrition making you feel complete but hurting your wallet more and taking away from the precious time you already dont have as you slave away at the stove. which do you choose?