Oct 8, 2007

whirlwind of time

Corona Arch, Moab, UT
i'm back in school again--2nd quarter started. damn time flies--soon i'll be old and dead:( but during my 2 weeks off, i got to see my Tara:) we went to Moab, UT to pick up her munchkin and do some hiking where my lungs almost exploded. damn i am out of shape! but it was so beautiful there & well worth the possibility of the collapse of my entire respiratory system.

then my friend from waaaaaaaaaaay back in the day, from IN came out for a visit. yay Dana! we hadn't seen or talked to eachother in 7 years--up until our high school reunion. and you know what, it was like we never skipped a beat. thanks for visiting. i had a blast!

so, i have a favor to ask from anyone reading this. in one of my classes i have to come up with 10 adjectives to describe myself. but it feels weird describing myself. so i'm asking all of you who know me best, my little loved creatures out there, to send me some adjectives. and please don't send "crazy" or "bitch", etc. we know these are true, but i need positive words. haha! thanks in advance.

oh yeah, for those of you lucky enough to be in AZ, don't forget about the halloween party on the 27th. there will be plenty of drinks, food & places to crash!


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