Jul 11, 2007


i really do wish there were more than 24 hours in a day. or perhaps less of that spent at work. i cant wait till im no longer a slave to the man. 6 months tomorrow baby!! but really, more like 5 months because of my leave. or really like 4 and a half months because of the holidays & outprocessing AKA fucking off:) i have roughly 129 work days, give or take a few. and i have never been more fucking ecstatic in my life! i feel like a stale loaf of bread doing what it is that i do and couldnt be any more enthusiastic to begin chapter 3 of my life!!

i started massage school on monday. FINALLY! i've been wanting to do this for a long fucking time. i'm in school 6-9pm monday-thursday and then on saturday from 9am-3pm. so, i pretty much am already exasperated as far as energy goes. i'm up around 530am and its go-go-go until i get home around 930pm & unwind, etc. I was going to the gym after work but that doesnt work now. I'm thinking about going after school, but dont know if it'll make me wired & wanting to stay up later. guess i'll have to give it a go--don't really have many options at this point. anyhoo--i dont graduate until june of next year, so i'll need all the encouragement everyone can muster. its going to be a tough ride, though i'm hoping it will be easier come february when i'm a free bird! if you give me enough praise & kind words, maybe i'll give you a freebie--massage that is.;)

on another note, my fucking 10 year high school reunion is coming...real soon...as in next week!!!! holy shit! see some of you soon:)

gotta run...must....take.....a....power.....nap

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