Jul 1, 2007

new baby

This is Chanelle.

She is the newest member of the family:) she's about a year and a half old and such a huge sweetheart! the people that had her before just didnt have the patience for a dog i suppose. they liked the idea of having a dog, but not taking care of it. they didnt take her for long walks, got upset with her getting on the furniture & even upset when she got sick one day & it happened to be on the carpet. sooooo...without much persuasion we took her in. and she's been loved to death ever since:) she's a pitbull, but doesnt have clipped ears & tail. she doesnt bark, growl, listens very well. basically she just wants to be loved on all day. we love her! the cats, on the other hand, weren't too fond of her at first. they still arent in the same room. we are keeping them separated for now--just letting them get used to her smell, etc. i think after another week we will introduce them. wish me luck:)

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