Jul 27, 2007

misses peebody

so yeah...i'm back, all in one piece from my reunion & very very short time back in IN. it was a very tiring trip seeing as though i worked all day thursday, drove an hour & a half to phoenix, hopped on a plane where i couldnt sleep because ol' dude next to me was snoring in my direction, got into Chicago at the butt crack of dawn, drove 2 hours to my dads, crashed for a couple of hours, hung with the family, went to bed late, woke up early the next day, got ready for the reunion, blah blah blah, left the next day. so i know some people are upset i didnt get to see them. but you know what--HOW ABOUT YOU COME VISIT ME?!?!?! sheesh! hahaha! the reunion was pretty fun. i wasnt exactly sure what to expect. me & claudia were, of course, the hottest ones there. mwahahahaha. but seriously! it was great seeing everyone after all these years.

my computer is fucked so i cant put pics up of my last month. there's a lot, with the reunion & randy & t-ray coming to visit during the 4th. we went to a bar when they were here and this muthafuckin slutbag at the bar peed on the fucking floor. i'm ordering some drinks, feel some splashing on my feet figuring its someone spilling a drink. so i turn to move & look and see this fucking bitch in a short jean skirt pissing in full force on the fucking ground. ON PURPOSE! then her & her friend giggled. i tell you that it took all the force in my body to contain myself & not grab her by her frizzy fucking hair & grind his snoody little face into her piss. what a dirty bitch. uh!

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