Apr 13, 2007

hodge podge

what a funny word, that "hodge podge". who comes up with these things? just like "blog". did it even exist before the advent of computers? hmmm...i'm gonna invent a word or at least bring on the spread of a less used and abused word. i dont really have much to talk about here, so whoever is reading this i'll say sorry in advance for wasting your time for however long this ramble will happen to go on. i just bought a house. my first one ever! i'm such an adult now! hahah! i get my keys on the 30th and i'm pretty stoked about that. its definitely not my dream home nor is it in a locale that i would dream of, but its a pretty good start! i'm very happy and i cant wait to start decorating, painting, etc. and since i really dont have any furniture and the small amount i do have is all old, used crap i'm pretty much starting with a clean slate! the only obstacle now is the million different ideas i have floating in this skull of mine. i'm slowly but surely getting settled into Tucson now. i dont have many friends here so i naturally hate it. but this always happens when i move. i complain about the lack of social life, i hate the new place, am sad to have left the old and then WHAM! i meet a gajillion (okay maybe i like to exaggerate) people in like a week's time frame and then i'm non stop, go go go!!!! on the up side i've been saving some cash flow, which for most of you who know me well know that this is definitely a very rare occurrence. what the hell am i going to do with money when i'm dead?? spend that shit now! anyhoo, i just got my hair done tonight. pretty smokin! haha! hmmm...okay i've lost interest in writing this, so ta ta!

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