Apr 3, 2007

adult version of me

yippeeeeeee! i just got the keys to my first, very own house today. i'm super ecstatic at the fact that i'm not only officially an adult now (haha) but i also have a place to permanently call home. though i have a strong wanderlust that i'm sure will tug at my will to stay grounded, i'm calmed at the thought of having a place to really call home. i'm sure i'll still venture out and about from time to time but the next couple of years will be calm in comparison to the past few. i've got lots of big changes coming up in the near future and its time to take care of some business. anyhoo, pics will come soon, as i plan on decorating, painting, etc--the whole shabang! so when any of you want to tour beautiful, sunny AZ, you have a comfy bed to rest your weary head! (and did i mention an awesome tourguide? haha) xoxo

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