Jan 8, 2007

Warp Speed Ahead

i can not even begin to express how much disbelief i am in when i think of how fast time has flown this past 15 months. it all began with me inGermany, very anxious to move again, packing up my belongings, bidding farewell but not goodbye to friends, and hitting the autobahn, sights set west towards Espana. i only drove during the day light because i wanted to see as much of the country side of France & Spain as i could. i even slept in my car those few nights. i made it all the way here, 20 some hours, without getting lost (whoohoo) and arrived at the tiniest, shithole of a base i could have ever imagined. i couldnt believe that this was where i would be calling home, where i would have to be almost every day of the year for 15 fucking months! i got along well with my coworkers, but outside of work was pretty stale in comparison to what i had grown accustomed to. first, there was the language barrier. i'm used to other european countries where people speak english. i guess i was expecting to be spoiled once again. but instead i was forced to babble my way through my harsh version of spanglish. it turned out to be a very good thing, because i've learned more than i could have ever dreamed! secondly, none of my coworkers went out and did things that i was interested in doing, so i felt a bit lonesome. then, perfect timing for a first impression at a new job, i got super sick to the point that i ended up in the ER. but here's the best part--i had to drive myself to it (about an hour away). after almost a month, i started to recover and my friend B from Germany came out for a visit. then came the most nerve wrecking, stomach turning event of my life...the day i finally got to meet Jeff in person. we had been talking for about 5 months by then and absolutely adored eachother, but had yet to physically meet. on x-mas of 2005 we finally had the chance. and everything went great! not only did we get a chance to get to know eachother, but we also went exploring--something i had been yearning to do since the moment i stepped foot in spain. we toiled around in Sevilla, went south to Tarifa (a place we've been back to numerous times since), and Gibraltar. all good things come to an end, and Jeff had to go back home. the next month i went home to AZ & IN, he came out to AZ to meet some family, i went to VA to visit his and then we decided to be crazy people and decided for him to move to spain with me! also while in AZ i got the chance to see some friends i hadnt seen in a while, namely getting reunited with my heterosexual life mate Claudia ;) and meeting her cutie patudie son Evan. i also got to meet my brilliant little cousin Sera.

jeff joined me shortly after i arrived in spain. and then the months of non-stop-go began. we went canyoning in an area called Grazalema (a combo of rappelling, hiking, swimming for like 5 miles). totally grueling but oh-so fun! then i got the chance to my first rock climbing experience. and not just some ordinary, boring, inside a gym rock climbing. No! we were down near Tarifa and once you reached the summit you could see the blue ocean, sandy beach and Africa in the back ground. breathtaking! next on the agenda was a trip to Germany for work. it was a short stay, but great nonetheless. then we went on a hiking trip in a national park, hiking & camping at Cabo de Gata along the Meditteranean coast, back to Germany for the biggest, baddest rock concert ever--Rock am Ring, where we spent 3 days in filth rocking out with an ass load of friends from various countries. dont know what r-n-r is? look it up! and dont miss it! after the concert we hopped in a car to do some exploring in Austria & Lichtenstein. then it was back to spain. one more rock climb and then Jeff had to go back to the states for 3 months.

i decided not to let this be a deterent and i went on a rafting trip by myself, met some great people, hung at the beach. and then i got to play rent-a-cop a work which turned out to be a great thing because i was pleasantly surprised in the people i met while pulling this duty. if i hadnt of, who knows how boring my summer would have been! we went to Lagos, Portugal numerous weekends throughout the summer and i ended up getting in a little bit of trouble at work for having topless pics of me on the net and elsewhere. they're just boobs! sheesh!! we ARE in europe! as the summer dwindled down, Feria season started up and thats where i got in a fight with a man. thanks again you little bitch! we all took a trip south to Torremolinos to dance the night away. i went rock climbing again. then 2 of my boys from germany came out and we partied it up atFeria, and in Portugal. and this summer i figured out what i finally want to do (besides massage) with myself when i grow up. and i got admitted to the university i wanted!

Jeff was finally able to come back (unfortunately he missed the whole summer). but once he arrived here it became a whirlwind of go-go-go! not only was i now taking classes, but we went to Paris and Morocco his first couple weekends back. then we threw a killer Halloween party. next was Amsterdam where we partied with the band. HIS favorite band, might i add! also, we went to Italica, the roman ruins not far from our house and then Tara & Co. came for a visit, upon which we drove a vast majority of the Med. coastline, bringing us back to Cabo de Gata. next we hopped on a plane headed to the Canary Islands, where we spent 10 days exploring 3 islands. then came x-mas, snowboarding inGranada, new years in Lisbon, which wraps it all up and brings me to here. just 28 more days left. a short visit from my friends Toe & Ang, a possible short trip to somewhere else and in a blink of an eye i'll be gone. but not forgotten. i'm going to miss europe like you would not believe. but i'm excited to get back to my family. to have a place that i can officially call home. and i'm really looking forward to finally traversing the states. but i shall return! and i'll see all you bitches again. mark my words! mwah!

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