Dec 21, 2007

Hunger Get What Hunger Want!

first off, i love those snickers commercials--they make me giggle. hehe

i left the grocery store today feeling a wee bit perturbed. i spent $80 and didnt really get much! i wasnt even wandering the aisles on an empty stomach throwing everything into the basket that i could get my grubby little dick beaters on. NO--i went there with an agenda, with a list. and it wasnt even an extensive list. it was just a list of things to get for christmas dinner. i even purchased the store brand products when available. $80!! fuck! now i know why half of america is obese! its much cheaper to go to a fast food place everyday, get a couple of things off the dollar menu and called it good. think about it...say you get a couple of meals at one of those joints a day. you spend $9 total (if you go the cheap route). times that by 30 days in a month and that equates to $270 a month. OR you go the traditional route, cooking your own meals and spend an average whopping amount of $320 a month (using 80 a week). thats just a rough estimate. the former giving you quick meals, at a cheaper price, ease of no dirty dishes, etc plus an artery blockage in the making (yay!!). the latter brings you possibly more nutrition making you feel complete but hurting your wallet more and taking away from the precious time you already dont have as you slave away at the stove. which do you choose?

Oct 8, 2007

whirlwind of time

Corona Arch, Moab, UT
i'm back in school again--2nd quarter started. damn time flies--soon i'll be old and dead:( but during my 2 weeks off, i got to see my Tara:) we went to Moab, UT to pick up her munchkin and do some hiking where my lungs almost exploded. damn i am out of shape! but it was so beautiful there & well worth the possibility of the collapse of my entire respiratory system.

then my friend from waaaaaaaaaaay back in the day, from IN came out for a visit. yay Dana! we hadn't seen or talked to eachother in 7 years--up until our high school reunion. and you know what, it was like we never skipped a beat. thanks for visiting. i had a blast!

so, i have a favor to ask from anyone reading this. in one of my classes i have to come up with 10 adjectives to describe myself. but it feels weird describing myself. so i'm asking all of you who know me best, my little loved creatures out there, to send me some adjectives. and please don't send "crazy" or "bitch", etc. we know these are true, but i need positive words. haha! thanks in advance.

oh yeah, for those of you lucky enough to be in AZ, don't forget about the halloween party on the 27th. there will be plenty of drinks, food & places to crash!


Aug 31, 2007

10 year reunion

REUNION! in a nut shell--the reunion was, surprisingly, a blast. it was great seeing everyone. blah blah. i look forward to seeing everyone more often. blah blah. here's some pics:)
now & then

now & then

now & then (CAC club reunite!)

like fine wine, we get better with time.

Jul 27, 2007

misses peebody

so yeah...i'm back, all in one piece from my reunion & very very short time back in IN. it was a very tiring trip seeing as though i worked all day thursday, drove an hour & a half to phoenix, hopped on a plane where i couldnt sleep because ol' dude next to me was snoring in my direction, got into Chicago at the butt crack of dawn, drove 2 hours to my dads, crashed for a couple of hours, hung with the family, went to bed late, woke up early the next day, got ready for the reunion, blah blah blah, left the next day. so i know some people are upset i didnt get to see them. but you know what--HOW ABOUT YOU COME VISIT ME?!?!?! sheesh! hahaha! the reunion was pretty fun. i wasnt exactly sure what to expect. me & claudia were, of course, the hottest ones there. mwahahahaha. but seriously! it was great seeing everyone after all these years.

my computer is fucked so i cant put pics up of my last month. there's a lot, with the reunion & randy & t-ray coming to visit during the 4th. we went to a bar when they were here and this muthafuckin slutbag at the bar peed on the fucking floor. i'm ordering some drinks, feel some splashing on my feet figuring its someone spilling a drink. so i turn to move & look and see this fucking bitch in a short jean skirt pissing in full force on the fucking ground. ON PURPOSE! then her & her friend giggled. i tell you that it took all the force in my body to contain myself & not grab her by her frizzy fucking hair & grind his snoody little face into her piss. what a dirty bitch. uh!

Jul 18, 2007

Romy & Michelle

This Saturday marks a momentus event in time. My 10 year high school reunion. HOLY FUCK! My partner in crime from way back is flying into Phoenix and then we are both flying together into Chicago and then road tripping it to South Bend. I'm not quite sure what to expect at the reunion, but i'm sure there will be some stories. Unfortunately I will be there a really, REALLY short time. I get in SB friday and then have to fly out sunday:( so, sorry if you are reading this & you live there, but i most likely wont get to see you (that is unless you will be at the reunion) because I don't have much time. so, i'm off to pack my bags. and remember....I invented post its!! :)

Jul 11, 2007


i really do wish there were more than 24 hours in a day. or perhaps less of that spent at work. i cant wait till im no longer a slave to the man. 6 months tomorrow baby!! but really, more like 5 months because of my leave. or really like 4 and a half months because of the holidays & outprocessing AKA fucking off:) i have roughly 129 work days, give or take a few. and i have never been more fucking ecstatic in my life! i feel like a stale loaf of bread doing what it is that i do and couldnt be any more enthusiastic to begin chapter 3 of my life!!

i started massage school on monday. FINALLY! i've been wanting to do this for a long fucking time. i'm in school 6-9pm monday-thursday and then on saturday from 9am-3pm. so, i pretty much am already exasperated as far as energy goes. i'm up around 530am and its go-go-go until i get home around 930pm & unwind, etc. I was going to the gym after work but that doesnt work now. I'm thinking about going after school, but dont know if it'll make me wired & wanting to stay up later. guess i'll have to give it a go--don't really have many options at this point. anyhoo--i dont graduate until june of next year, so i'll need all the encouragement everyone can muster. its going to be a tough ride, though i'm hoping it will be easier come february when i'm a free bird! if you give me enough praise & kind words, maybe i'll give you a freebie--massage that is.;)

on another note, my fucking 10 year high school reunion is coming...real in next week!!!! holy shit! see some of you soon:)

gotta run...must....take.....a....power.....nap

Jul 1, 2007

new baby

This is Chanelle.

She is the newest member of the family:) she's about a year and a half old and such a huge sweetheart! the people that had her before just didnt have the patience for a dog i suppose. they liked the idea of having a dog, but not taking care of it. they didnt take her for long walks, got upset with her getting on the furniture & even upset when she got sick one day & it happened to be on the carpet. sooooo...without much persuasion we took her in. and she's been loved to death ever since:) she's a pitbull, but doesnt have clipped ears & tail. she doesnt bark, growl, listens very well. basically she just wants to be loved on all day. we love her! the cats, on the other hand, weren't too fond of her at first. they still arent in the same room. we are keeping them separated for now--just letting them get used to her smell, etc. i think after another week we will introduce them. wish me luck:)

Jun 28, 2007


after a mindless conversation yesterday, i decided that i really like words that end in SKS. tasks, desks, asks, etc. they sound really nice when they roll out of the mouth. and they move the tongue around in your mouth a lot. makes it kind of jump up & down. like a little trampoline in your mouth. TRY IT!! call me weird but i get a little bit of pleasure in hearing them. especially if they are pronounced clear & concise. i've been told that i hold onto the end of words--kind of draw them out sometimessss and the sks words do this greatly. only problem is, i cant think of many more of them.

Jun 22, 2007


we saw 311 last night and they were awesome. it was the first show of their tour. well done boys, well done! on another note, my jaw hurts---and not from doing anything wild & provocative;) i got a filling today and felt like a stroke victim half of the day due to the numbness in half of my mouth. end of randomness...

Apr 13, 2007

hodge podge

what a funny word, that "hodge podge". who comes up with these things? just like "blog". did it even exist before the advent of computers? hmmm...i'm gonna invent a word or at least bring on the spread of a less used and abused word. i dont really have much to talk about here, so whoever is reading this i'll say sorry in advance for wasting your time for however long this ramble will happen to go on. i just bought a house. my first one ever! i'm such an adult now! hahah! i get my keys on the 30th and i'm pretty stoked about that. its definitely not my dream home nor is it in a locale that i would dream of, but its a pretty good start! i'm very happy and i cant wait to start decorating, painting, etc. and since i really dont have any furniture and the small amount i do have is all old, used crap i'm pretty much starting with a clean slate! the only obstacle now is the million different ideas i have floating in this skull of mine. i'm slowly but surely getting settled into Tucson now. i dont have many friends here so i naturally hate it. but this always happens when i move. i complain about the lack of social life, i hate the new place, am sad to have left the old and then WHAM! i meet a gajillion (okay maybe i like to exaggerate) people in like a week's time frame and then i'm non stop, go go go!!!! on the up side i've been saving some cash flow, which for most of you who know me well know that this is definitely a very rare occurrence. what the hell am i going to do with money when i'm dead?? spend that shit now! anyhoo, i just got my hair done tonight. pretty smokin! haha! hmmm...okay i've lost interest in writing this, so ta ta!

Apr 3, 2007

adult version of me

yippeeeeeee! i just got the keys to my first, very own house today. i'm super ecstatic at the fact that i'm not only officially an adult now (haha) but i also have a place to permanently call home. though i have a strong wanderlust that i'm sure will tug at my will to stay grounded, i'm calmed at the thought of having a place to really call home. i'm sure i'll still venture out and about from time to time but the next couple of years will be calm in comparison to the past few. i've got lots of big changes coming up in the near future and its time to take care of some business. anyhoo, pics will come soon, as i plan on decorating, painting, etc--the whole shabang! so when any of you want to tour beautiful, sunny AZ, you have a comfy bed to rest your weary head! (and did i mention an awesome tourguide? haha) xoxo

Jan 23, 2007

feeling it

song of the day...fueled by lunchtime discussions


Let Them Eat War by Bad Religion

Theres a prophet on a mountain and he's making up dinner
With long division and riding crop
Anybody can feel like a winner
When it's served up piping hot

But the people aren't looking for a handout
They're America's working corps
Can this be what they voted for?

Let them eat war
Let them eat war
That's how to ration the poor
Let them eat war
Let them eat war

There's an urgent need to feed
Declining pride

From the force to the union shops
The war economy is making new jobs
But the people who benefit most
Are breaking bread with their benevolent hosts

You never stole from the rich to give to the poor
All he ever gave to them was a war
And a foreign enemy to deplore

Let them eat war
Let them eat war
That's how to ration the poor
Let them eat war
Let them eat war

There's an urgent need to feed
Declining pride

We've got to kill 'em and eat em'
Before they reach for their checks
Squeeze some blue collars
make them bleed from their necks
Seize a few dollars from the people who sweat
Cause it's freedom or death and they won't question it
At a job site the boss is god like
Conditioned workhorses park at a stoplight
Seasoned vets with their feet in nets
A stones throw away from a rock fight
But not tonight, feed 'em death

Here comes another ration (feed them death)
Cause they're the finest in the nation (feed them death)
But there's nothing left to feed them
When it's freedom or it's death

Let them eat war
Let them eat war
That's how to ration the poor
Let them eat war
Let them eat war

There's an urgent need to feed

Jan 8, 2007

Warp Speed Ahead

i can not even begin to express how much disbelief i am in when i think of how fast time has flown this past 15 months. it all began with me inGermany, very anxious to move again, packing up my belongings, bidding farewell but not goodbye to friends, and hitting the autobahn, sights set west towards Espana. i only drove during the day light because i wanted to see as much of the country side of France & Spain as i could. i even slept in my car those few nights. i made it all the way here, 20 some hours, without getting lost (whoohoo) and arrived at the tiniest, shithole of a base i could have ever imagined. i couldnt believe that this was where i would be calling home, where i would have to be almost every day of the year for 15 fucking months! i got along well with my coworkers, but outside of work was pretty stale in comparison to what i had grown accustomed to. first, there was the language barrier. i'm used to other european countries where people speak english. i guess i was expecting to be spoiled once again. but instead i was forced to babble my way through my harsh version of spanglish. it turned out to be a very good thing, because i've learned more than i could have ever dreamed! secondly, none of my coworkers went out and did things that i was interested in doing, so i felt a bit lonesome. then, perfect timing for a first impression at a new job, i got super sick to the point that i ended up in the ER. but here's the best part--i had to drive myself to it (about an hour away). after almost a month, i started to recover and my friend B from Germany came out for a visit. then came the most nerve wrecking, stomach turning event of my life...the day i finally got to meet Jeff in person. we had been talking for about 5 months by then and absolutely adored eachother, but had yet to physically meet. on x-mas of 2005 we finally had the chance. and everything went great! not only did we get a chance to get to know eachother, but we also went exploring--something i had been yearning to do since the moment i stepped foot in spain. we toiled around in Sevilla, went south to Tarifa (a place we've been back to numerous times since), and Gibraltar. all good things come to an end, and Jeff had to go back home. the next month i went home to AZ & IN, he came out to AZ to meet some family, i went to VA to visit his and then we decided to be crazy people and decided for him to move to spain with me! also while in AZ i got the chance to see some friends i hadnt seen in a while, namely getting reunited with my heterosexual life mate Claudia ;) and meeting her cutie patudie son Evan. i also got to meet my brilliant little cousin Sera.

jeff joined me shortly after i arrived in spain. and then the months of non-stop-go began. we went canyoning in an area called Grazalema (a combo of rappelling, hiking, swimming for like 5 miles). totally grueling but oh-so fun! then i got the chance to my first rock climbing experience. and not just some ordinary, boring, inside a gym rock climbing. No! we were down near Tarifa and once you reached the summit you could see the blue ocean, sandy beach and Africa in the back ground. breathtaking! next on the agenda was a trip to Germany for work. it was a short stay, but great nonetheless. then we went on a hiking trip in a national park, hiking & camping at Cabo de Gata along the Meditteranean coast, back to Germany for the biggest, baddest rock concert ever--Rock am Ring, where we spent 3 days in filth rocking out with an ass load of friends from various countries. dont know what r-n-r is? look it up! and dont miss it! after the concert we hopped in a car to do some exploring in Austria & Lichtenstein. then it was back to spain. one more rock climb and then Jeff had to go back to the states for 3 months.

i decided not to let this be a deterent and i went on a rafting trip by myself, met some great people, hung at the beach. and then i got to play rent-a-cop a work which turned out to be a great thing because i was pleasantly surprised in the people i met while pulling this duty. if i hadnt of, who knows how boring my summer would have been! we went to Lagos, Portugal numerous weekends throughout the summer and i ended up getting in a little bit of trouble at work for having topless pics of me on the net and elsewhere. they're just boobs! sheesh!! we ARE in europe! as the summer dwindled down, Feria season started up and thats where i got in a fight with a man. thanks again you little bitch! we all took a trip south to Torremolinos to dance the night away. i went rock climbing again. then 2 of my boys from germany came out and we partied it up atFeria, and in Portugal. and this summer i figured out what i finally want to do (besides massage) with myself when i grow up. and i got admitted to the university i wanted!

Jeff was finally able to come back (unfortunately he missed the whole summer). but once he arrived here it became a whirlwind of go-go-go! not only was i now taking classes, but we went to Paris and Morocco his first couple weekends back. then we threw a killer Halloween party. next was Amsterdam where we partied with the band. HIS favorite band, might i add! also, we went to Italica, the roman ruins not far from our house and then Tara & Co. came for a visit, upon which we drove a vast majority of the Med. coastline, bringing us back to Cabo de Gata. next we hopped on a plane headed to the Canary Islands, where we spent 10 days exploring 3 islands. then came x-mas, snowboarding inGranada, new years in Lisbon, which wraps it all up and brings me to here. just 28 more days left. a short visit from my friends Toe & Ang, a possible short trip to somewhere else and in a blink of an eye i'll be gone. but not forgotten. i'm going to miss europe like you would not believe. but i'm excited to get back to my family. to have a place that i can officially call home. and i'm really looking forward to finally traversing the states. but i shall return! and i'll see all you bitches again. mark my words! mwah!