Nov 17, 2006

me oh my!

i gave Jeff his early x-mas gift--tix to see As I Lay Dying (his current fave band), Bullet for my Valentine, and Protest the Hero. where you ask?? in Amsterdam! i rock! haha! so, this was last weekend and it was one of the best times i have ever had! we did normal touristy things, strolled along the streets & canals, red light district, Heineken brewery, comedy show, etc but the highlight of the trip was the concert. first off it was in this hall called the Melkweg. what a great fucking venue! its not very big so you get a great spot to see the band and if you dont feel like fighting the bonecrushing crowd and diving flying boots to the head, its great to chill near the edge where there are elevated steps. this is where i was so i could rock out in my own little bubble, and still see the bands clearly without having to bust out the binoculars. before the show me & jeff got to talking to this dude Mike from Protest the Hero's merch table. we decided to party with the band after the show. so during the concert (which was fucking fabulous) jeff got on stage and then jumped into the crowd. then his crazy ass climbed up onto the speakers like the little monkey he is--they must have been 20 feet up and with the urging on from the band & crowd, he fucking dove into the poor suspecting weenie armed crowd (haha). what a nut! needless to say, he was the hero of the show and when we met up later with the bands they were like "whoa you're that crazy fuck! you're awesome, blah blah blah". then we commenced to partying with the guys. and by partying i dont mean being in the same room as them and 100 other people. NO! it was the bands--As I Lay Dying & Protest the Hero, their roadies, and me & jeff. they were only in town for a few hours before heading off to Paris so we just hung at a local bar, got some food, sang some drunken songs before we went our separate ways. they were some of the nicest guys i've met in a long time! what a great fuckin weekend!